Zapper, the Hulda Clark Zapper by ParaZapper zaps
parasites and microbes with mild, safe electric pulses.

Bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and other parasites can cause illness, disease, and
otherwise interfere with good health. Kill these microbes with ParaZapper ™.

Zapper Hulda Clark

Parasite Zapper

Zapper Book

While Hulda Clark introduced the zapper back in the 1990's as an aid to improving health,
the history of these electric devices goes back much further and there has been a continuing
effort to suppress this technology that may literally save your life.

This site has nearly 100 pages of health related information ranging from allergies and asthma, to cancer,
colds and flu, colitis and IBS, fibromyalgia, HIV and AIDS, parasites, to shingles, vitamins, and zappers.
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ParaZapper ™ Dr. hulda clark parasite zapper really works

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ParaZapper UZI produces 100 percent positive signal and True Square Wave. Click for larger image.
Zapper by ParaZapper produces true squarewave
and positive offset under load.

proof that ParaZapper works
to kill microbes such as bacteria and protozoa.
Note that this video is only valid for ParaZapper because the technology is different.

Zapping does work

Visible Proof that ParaZapper Works Better

Zapper kills many microbes quickly

Image shows that the microbes in the jar on the right are killed by zapping for a 1 hour session, two days in a row.

The cloudiness and color of the control jar on the left shows that there are still living microbes in it.

If it can do this with water, why could it not do the same with other water based systems such as the human body? Time for more studies? Are you interested in researching this amazing gift?

Using Paddles Only

Using Paddles and Pads together
Requires a better zapper

We provide the best quality zappers at the best price along with a 5 year parts and labor warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.

While now offers ParaZapper products, continue reading here because this site contains important information about the Hulda Clark Zapper and zapping that is not found elsewhere.

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Hulda Clark Parasite Body Zapper

According to a controlled study by Dr. Robert Thiel, the group that used the Hulda Clark Zapper showed that the "total with any improvement was 97.9%" and "48.2% reported substantial symptomatic improvement in the Hulda Clark Zapper group". When compared to the control group who didn't use a Hulda Clark Zapper, "total with any improvement was 61.3%" and only "12.9% reported significant improvement". This clearly shows that the parasite zapper had a positive effect in a study with a control group. There has never been any parasite zapper studies to refute this in any way. The main reason is that the Hulda Clark Zapper's ability to kill many different microbes is a natural function.

Additional studies discussed at Hulda Clark Zapper Works

This information, combined with our ParaZapper Customer comments should provide a basis for choosing a great Hulda Clark Zapper. Additionally, our parasite zapper is a quality product with a high rating by the BBB, a 30 day money back guarantee, plus a 5 year parts and labor warranty, how can you go wrong?

ParaZapper™ Products offer:

Positive offset as specified by Dr. Hulda Clark
True Positive Square Wave as specified by Dr. Clark

Dr. Hulda Clark introduced the Zapper, also known as the parasite zapper, as an aid to health over 20 years ago, in her book "The Cure for All Diseases". Since then the Hulda Clark Zapper has experienced a tremendous surge in popularity, as a curiosity and a health aid, but for other uses as well such as killing microbes such as protozoa and bacteria in water.

Zapper Instruction Manual for $12.95 plus postage.

There are many important issues to consider when selecting and using a parasite zapper that aren't discussed in Dr. Clark's books. Actually, she only devoted a few pages to the zapper and zapping so we have produced a new 80 page booklet to provide more in depth discussion. Order our book on "Parasite Zapping and the Zapper" (80 pages) for the best information about zappers and zapping, regardless of which zapper you use. It contains pages on how to get the best rsults from zapping and more importantly, what to avoid doing.

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Best Parasite Zapper at our new site
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ParaZapperPLUS-2, ParaZapperCCa,
ParaZapperCC1, andParaZapperUZI
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These models have been replaced with newer more advanced models at

FDA Petition for zappers
Ask congress to stop the FDA from pursuing zapper manufacturers and depriving you of your right to make health choices.


The information, suggestions and ideas presented in this document are for information only and should not be interpreted as medical advice, meant for diagnosing illness, or for prescriptive purposes. Readers are encouraged to consult their health care provider before beginning any treatment program. The information in this document is not to be used to replace the services or instructions of a physician or qualified health care practitioner.

Any testimonials or survey results presented on this page are not presented as scientific proof of any cure but only as representation of relief that may possibly be obtained from the use of ParaZapper products. FDA accepted tests have not been preformed.

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