AIDS Zapper, does electrotherapy really work and how?


may not be the same and AIDS may be caused by
other non-HIV sources! Read more below.
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More than half of those who have HIV never develop AIDS, Over half of those who die of AIDS are HIV negative!

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The zapper is a controversial device, that uses Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields ( PEMF ), anecdotally reported to reduce the viral load in some of the individuals with AIDS or HIV, who have tried it.

Others try to dismiss the zapper for AIDS as unproven and fraudulent.

The following information is from the Health Fraud Task Force of California web site The Task Force used words like "cure"
and other terms of art which we do not adopt. This information is provided
as a public service by .... You guessed it, the FDA / FTC. Your government using your tax
dollars to provide unproven and unfounded propaganda.


A questionable AIDS treatment involves the use of electronic boxes. Previously promoted as a cure for cancer, the electronic boxes are now being applied to the treatment of AIDS. Makers of these types of devices claim that the AIDS virus and cancer cells can be killed by passing an electrical current or magnetic pulse through the bodies of infected individuals. While laboratory studies show electricity can kill HIV in a test tube, there is no evidence of the same effect in humans. This is an example of how the modern con artist can manipulate science to turn hope into profit."

Our response to this is:

1) There is plenty of anecdotal claims to support the use of zappers and there is no proof that these products do not work and and we believe competent and reliable scientific evidence that they may be beneficial will be presented in time. They definitely do work in water and blood, so why would they not work in the watery environment of the body? At the very least, the use of a zapper in itself has not demonstrated any significant risk of injury.

A) Statement: Makers of these types of devices claim that the AIDS virus and cancer cells can be killed by passing an electrical current or magnetic pulse through ...

Reply: This has been proven on several points, including the FDA's own PEMF paper mentioned below. A major breakthrough in a 2009 scientific article from NIH, published on PubMed showed thet PEMF worked on cancer in humans.
A patent was awarded for blood electrification in which an electrical pulse is passed through blood killing virus.

2) The FDA has published a white paper on the use of PEMF to kill bacteria, virus, and other microbed in water, juices, etc. PEMF has been shown in scientific studies to kill virus in blood. It is easy to see with a good microscope that the zapper literally explodes bacteria and protozoa in water when they are zapped. There is absolutely no proof that it can not work in the body which is mostly water. The claim of no evidence that it works in the human body is false. True, there has not been any FDA approved studies, period. There is a significant amount of anecdotal testimony available on the web with very little negative feedback. We agree that a scientific study would be the best way to settle the issue but do not ask us to spend the $ millions $ required to get a good one done. We do not have that kind of money and these products can not be patented due to prior art exclusion.

3) Prior to being raided by the FDA in 2006, we sold thousands of these zappers with 98 percent customer satisfaction.

4) Customers reported a statistically significant rate of benefit which is why we believe the FDA forced us to withdraw the claims from the market. We do not agree that energetic devices "treat disease" as that term is used in standard medicine. We stopped making health benefit claims due to financial considerations because of the cost of FDA approval, even if such approval could be obtained under current FDA regulations.

5) The FDA called many of our customers trying to find someone to complain in court but they failed in this respect. Our customers, with one exception, told them that our products work. The one exception reportedly felt that it just did not help with their problem.

6) We now sell similar products that you can buy for yourself at or you can even build your own.

Who is against the zapper for AIDS / HIV?


The pharmaceutical industry

The researchers who profit from AIDS research funding

The researchers who profit from Cancer research funding

But definitely not the people who use zappers, either Clark, Beck, or Rife.

The following contains information that is contrary to mainstream thinking on HIV and AIDS, but which is supported by scientific documentation. The following does not claim that HIV does not exist nor does it claim that AIDS does not exist, only that the two may not be related.

With the current lack of progress in the field, perhaps some different perspectives should be considered. There is now significant information to support these claims and a number of books have been published debunking the link between HIV and AIDS. This includes information supporting that, in reality, HIV may not be a real virus but is actually the result of data manipulation by members of the scientific community. If this claim is true, this may be one of the greatest scientific scams of all times, with billions of dollars wasted on false and manipulated research data. The HIV - AIDS world has already had several scandals, including falsification and misrepresentation of data.

Some sources, however, provide serious support to the claim that the presence of HIV is the result of poor laboratory technique and the manipulation of data to support its existance. In her book Science Sold Out: Does HIV really cause AIDS?, Rebecca Culshaw points out the extent to which HIV and AIDS data has been manipulated.

In reality, the actual HIV virus has never been isolated or proven to cause AIDS. While there are a few old textbooks that show images of a virus that they claim to be HIV, this is not proven. The isolation of a virus, using density gradient centrifugation, is considered to be the standard of virology for proving the existance of a virus. This has never happened with HIV, in any literature that I can find. Additionally, science has not been able to produce any effective vaccine for the HIV virus. They claim that this is because it changes but others claim that it is because the HIV virus does not actually exist. Considering the amount of money spent on HIV and AIDS every year, you might think that they would have isolated and proven the infectiousness of this virus after 25 years. This has not happened. The isolation of a virus using this method should only cost a few hundred thousand dollars out of the billions currently being spent? Why have they not done this?

Others have demonstrated that other viruses are active and cause death in many if not all AIDS patients. In his book, The Virus Within: A coming Epidemic, Nicholas Regush provides an extensive discusion of this virus and the work that is being forced into the background by HIV proponents.

The basis for determining the presence of HIV in an individual is composed of 3 main tests. The first is the ELISA test which looks for the presence of antibodies to any of ten different protein markers that may be present in the blood. The problem is that everyone has some of these markers so that the blood must be diluted 400 times in order to keep everyone from showing up as HIV positive. Supposedly, the dilution is to eliminate most of the false positives. According to the HIV-AIDS proponents, only those with high levels are of concern. This is absurd. The second test, the Western Blot WB test test uses electrophoresis to look for individual proteins, some of which are combinations of others. You can be considered HIV positive if you have 3, 4, or more positives, depending on where you are tested. This test supposedly eliminates some false positives. More garbage. The third test is the PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction, which supposedly shows viral load. This test is just as rediculous as the others. It uses a chain reaction to amplify the amount of certain nucleic acids present in the blood and it is supposed to be specific, but it is not. All three of these test are miserable failures that have resulted in inaccurate branding of individuals as being HIV positive and AIDS prone.

The real problem with these tests is that they are not valid because they have not been compared to any viral infection. It is the standard of microbiology to follow Koch's postulates. These postulates specify that the organism causing an illness must not be found in healthy subjects and must be isolated from a diseased subject. This has not been done with HIV, especially since almost everyone carries at least some of the antigens. Even very healthy people do. The second step is to grow a pure culture of the organism. Obviously, this has not been done. The third step is to create the same illness in a healthy animal or cell culture using the purified organism. This definitely has not been done. Based on this, HIV is a farce and the public has been misled and is being fleeced for billions of dollars. Additionally, the fourth postulate requires the disease causing organism be obtained, purified, and identified as the same organism that caused the original disease. Also, none of the tests above has been approved by the FDA to determine the presence of HIV. They are approved for testing the blood supply only.

Since HIV has not been shown to exist or to cause AIDS, is there something else present that may cause these deaths? Yes, in almost all AIDS cases where death occurs and other organisms are checked for, there are at least four micro-organisms found to be present. Candida is almost always present and in most cases, it is massively present, causing serious damage to the intestines and other organs. Pneumocystis carinii is a yeast like fungus that causes a form of pneumonia and is persistantly present in HIV and AIDS cases. Cytomegalovirus is also commonly present and frequently causes death in AIDS patients. Finally, in almost every case that it is checked for, active HHV-6 infection is present in the bodies of AIDS victims after death, according to studies on autopsy materials. The problem is that this virus is considered basically innocuous because it is present in almost all humans. One form of this virus causes Roseola in children, how could it possibly cause AIDS? Read The Virus Within: A coming Epidemic.

One of the best known detractors of the HIV causes AIDS conspiracy is Peter Duesberg, who has been providing information to disprove this theory since the late 1980's. More information is on the Peter Duesberg website.

A number of sources now point to intestinal parasites as a major factor in the transmission of HIV infection and the subsequent transition to AIDS in HIV positive individuals as well as increasing the chance of other viral infections.

A discussion presented by Dr. Richard Bowman Pearce points out that between 80 percent and 100 percent of HIV infected individuals have some form of intestinal parasite present in their bodies. Also, HIV is rampant in areas such as Africa where there are large numbers of parasites and parasitic infections. Additionally, the strongest link between parasites and HIV appears to be protozoa which are difficult to detect in the stools and infection may go unnoticed for years.

A number of HIV research projects indicate that the elimination of parasites can augment hiv treatment and the reduction of viral load in HIV infected individuals. This is an indication that the markers identified as HIV may actually be parasite proteins. The reduction of parasitic illness can also improve the quality of hiv life by helping to overcome other viral disease associated with immune deficiency.

Additionally, it appears that the hiv virus and other viral illness such as viral pneumonia and viral meningitis may be succeptible to electronic pulses. It is noted that some viral illnesses such as colds and influenza are successfully stopped using these methods.

Recently, Top Scientists Ask Medical Journal Science To Retract Original AIDS Papers.

A significant financial reward has been offered for many years for the proof of the existance of the HIV virus and that it causes AIDS, according to Koch's postulated. This award has not been claimed.


For more information, see: The Other Side of AIDS

Recently, one of our ParaZapper ? models was tested, unofficially, at a major US university. Their results were reported as follows:

The project leader wrote the following:

"25+ men with HIV use the zapper when feeling the signs of a cold or flu with almost immediate (within 24 hours) response. Symptoms seem to stop and cold/flu never advances."
If you have advanced AIDS then consider our new ParaZapper? MX or better ParaZapper? AV with Rife Frequencies.

While the above products are not available because of the FDA, you might want to read about the ParaZapper? UZI at .
ParaZapper ?
improved Hulda Clark parasite zapper

Sorry, but due to the FDA, the above devices are not available for use on humans

Several models of zapper to choose from. In her book, The Cure For All Diseases, Dr. Hulda Clark describes how certain parasites affect our health and how we can improve our health by killing them using a parasite zapper . Since this book was first published, many individuals have discovered that Hulda Clark zappers really do work. Zappers are sold by the thousands around the world , killing bacteria, protozoa, and other parasites. We offer several different zapper models and options to suit your requirements. Our Hulda Clark Zapper line is offered to provide better quality at best price.
  • Better Made in the USA of high quality parts.
  • Better Multiple Frequency zappers
  • The MX provides 8 frequencies in the 2500 Hz range and 8 in the 30 kHz range.
  • The AV provides 16 different Rife frequencies noted for anti-viral properties including HIV, HEP-B, and HEP-C.
  • Better Stronger output and Positive offset.
  • Better Top quality wires and plugs, more compact
  • Long battery life: Power LED
  • Best Price, Quality, Reliability, Performance .

We have several models of zappers sold to individuals and dealers as well as Doctors and health professionals around the world. The ParaZapper ? Hulda Clark parasite zapper is popular, because it is easy to use, rugged, reliable, and inexpensive.

  • zapper or Dr. Hulda Clark zapper and parasite zapper is a hulda clark parasite zapper
  • Zapper based on Dr. Hulda Clark's latest parasite zapper circuit with improvements to make it more effective, including guaranteed positive voltage.
  • Electronics are encased in durable, rugged ABS plastic. Smaller and light weight 0.5 lbs.
  • Positive offset and no negative spikes as per Dr. Clark.
  • Higher output with ParaZapper?PLUS you get a full 9 volt output instead of 7.5 that regular Hulda Clark Zappers produce.
  • Even Stronger Output with Current Control adjustment (CCa) with ParaZapper?CCa you get a full 9.6 volt output, and adjustable current from 4 ma to 9 ma. Provides better results than even 12 volt units.
  • Easy to use push button switches for power and frequency selection.
  • Copper handles are soldered to instrument grade cables with lead free silver solder and work much better than wrist straps.
  • Optional Hands Free Wrist Straps have metal wrist contacts with low resistance cables.
  • Optional Copper Foot Pad Electrodes provide a stronger signal to the legs as well as to your torso.
  • Maximum effectiveness compared to others that use static wrist straps.
  • Bright TriColor LED lets you know that the parasite zapper is working to eliminate your parasites. With ParaZapper?PLUS and ParaZapper?CCa Yellow / Orange means that it is working correctly.
  • Long Battery Life. Easy open 9 volt battery holder. Red Low Battery Indicator on ParaZapper?PLUS.
  • Best instruction manual available according to users.
  • Includes startup supplies. Sea Salt, quality paper towels, etc.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed limited return policy, 3 year Warranty on our products.


Our Products


Dr. Hulda Clark

Tell me more about the Zapper Hulda Clark Zapper

To see other information about the hulda clark zapper, parasite elimination, parasite treatment, parasite zapper , Dr. Hulda Clark , anti-viral properties, and cancer read some of these books about Parasites and Hulda Clark from as well as our zapper documentation page. The Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper is also known as virus zapper, Clark Zapper, Hulda 's Zapper, and electric parasite zapper.

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The best testimonial that we can provide is the following. Many of our customers after getting great results from our ParaZappers call back and order additional ParaZappers for the rest of their family and for their friends! Nearly 50% of our customers buy from us because they have seen the results that a friend or relative has had from using ParaZapper?.

FAQ and documentation.

While we do have some limited anecdotal information that extensive use of our products over time may be associated with reduced viral load and increased CD-4 count, we do not suggest that such use will cure AIDS or HIV. The main benefit reported by most users is a reduction of secondary illness associated with HIV. This reduction is especially noticable with colds and flu.

Any testimonials or survey results presented on this page are not presented as scientific proof of any cure but only as representation of relief that may possibly be obtained from the use of ParaZapper ? products. FDA accepted tests have not been preformed because we have not found any qualified medical doctor who has indicated that they were willing to perform the required tests.

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