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If you or someone you know suffers from Liver cancer, there are a few important facts about cancer treatment that you or your doctor may not be aware of.

A small but growing number of doctors are coming to realize that liver cancer may be caused or at least aided by the presence of parasites in your body. This is well documented by the National Cancer Institute.

Other recent medical studies from the National Institute of Health indicate that American men live shorter lives of up to 4 years because of parasites. Even other medical studies find that the average male carries up to 2 lbs of parasites inside of his body. Women may have somewhat less of a problem. This shortness of life stems from increased risk of cancer and other health problems caused by parasites .

Because these parasites are living inside of you, there are several important facts that immediately come to mind.

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Parasites and Liver Cancer

1) These parasites need nutrition and get it by stealing it from your body, reducing your ability to fight cancer and other illnesses.

2) As these parasites grow, they produce and release hormones into your body including growth hormones which can increase cancer growth.

3) These same parasites must get rid of their waste products by dumping them into your body. These wastes are toxic to you and can produce many health problems including damage to the liver and other organs increasing the risk of cancer.

Knowing this information, doesn't it just make plain sense to get rid of these parasites when trying to fight cancer ? The parasite zapper is the cheapest, safest, and most effective way of ridding your body of these parasites.

One problem with parasite infections is that parasites are good at hiding and may be hard to find in the body. Some individuals with obvious parasite infestations have been tested several times with negative results. Liver damage caused by parasites is often thought to be from other causes. Some worms can cause damage to the lungs but are not noticed until the damage becomes severe.

Many cancer patients suffer through exhaustive and painful chemotherapy to kill their cancer. This process of taking poisons has a long history (arsenic has been used for hundreds of years to fight various illnesses). The question is ... does chemotherapy kill cancer itself or is it killing the parasites that cause or aid it?

If the solution is killing the parasites, then why not try a simpler, cheaper, less painful, and less dangerous cancer treatment?

The Parasite Zapper originally introduced by Dr. Hulda Clark can provide relief from many illnesses caused by parasites . The zapper is claimed to stop or at least significantly reduce the effect of colds and flu along with many other illnesses.

These are the claims of thousands of Zapper users around the world!

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Zappers are recognized and accepted as legitimate treatment in Canada and in Europe!


Since the American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, Food and Drug Administration, and the National Institute of Health have not performed legitimate clinical tests on Para Zapper, we are offering a reward to anyone who can convince their Oncologist to perform a legitimate study on our Para Zapper MFC™. This reward will be limited to the first 5 cancer patients who convince their Oncologist to run these tests.

The reward will consist of a free Para Zapper MFC™, Para Zapper , or Para Zapper PLUS™ your choice.
Winners will be determined by the date that the study is officially started.

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