Natural dental repair and tooth regrowth is possible.

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While dentists do not want this known, you can naturally eliminate cavities, receding gums, lost tooth enamel, and other dental problems. While drilling out cavities and filling them with a foreign substance is the current state of the art for dental repair, it leads to additional problems down the road. A tooth that has a filling is likely to end up "needing" a root canal down the road. Again, this causes nothing but additional problems, including serious problems such as cancer. Yes, dental problems have been linked to cancer. There is also a clear association between dental problems and heart disease.

One easy way to quickly fix bleeding gums, receding gums, and dental pockets is to take "Full Flush Niacin" and this can literally save your life. You see, Niacin is vitamin B3, and it is important in restoring proper endothelial condition or circulatory function, including proper elasticity of the veins, capillaries, and arteries. Dental problems such as bleeding gums and pockets are an early warning sign that something is wrong with your endothelial system. Another very important care for your teeth as well as for bones, your arteries, and many other organs in the body is "Vitamin D3". A strong association between cavities, heart disease, increased cancer, and Vitamin D3 deficiency is well established. Anyone who developes cavities should have their blood tested for Vitamin D levels.

One very good use that I have found for the Hulda Clark Zapper is to help alleviate dental infections and gum infections. On several occasions, I have had dental abcesses and tooth infections while my dentist was away on vacation. I found that after the use of the zapper, the swelling and pain associated with the dental abscesses quickly went away. What I did was to turn the zapper on and place the positive electrode against the infected area and zap for a full session while holding the negative paddle in the other hand and away from the body. Sometimes, it was helpful to repeat. The same problems have also been associated with Vitamin B3 ( Niacin ) deficiency.

While I have not seen or heard of any study regarding the use of a zapper to help in reducing or preventing dental caries or cavities, I feel that it is certainly worth investigating. Since the zapper kills germs and germs cause tooth decay, give this some consideration.

When caring for your teeth, always rinse your mouth thoroughly and vigorously with water and brush your teeth with soap. Some sources recommend bar soap such as Ivory soap or Castile soap but I prefer Dr. Bronner's Pepermint soap. Yes, soap tastes terrible but consider that it does not have fluoride which is a terrible poison and it does not have glycerin which coats the teeth and actually causes more dental problems. Regular tooth paste has lots of glycerin.

Always avoid silver amalgam fillings as they contain large amounts of mercury that is very damaging to the body. While dentists will try their best to convince you that this is safe, do not risk your health on it. It may take the mercury many years to cause irreversible damage to your entire body, including the thyroid and your brain. Mercury interferes with the action and utilization of selenium in the cells and selenium is critical in the function of many enzymes.


Where to begin?...let me start when I was a mom and dad always made sure we had dental checkups every six months with a thorough cleaning....this lasted until we grew up and left home....I was the one child who kept up my dental care.....when I was about oldest sister had to have surgery on her whole mouth...that was where I first learned about periodontal disease...and after researching it, found that it is hereditary.....that was a little scary but I knew I had kept up with my dental I wasn't very worried....I had never even had a I just kept doing what I was doing...brushing twice a day and flossing....getting regular checkups every six months....

At age 25 I had to have my wisdom teeth removed surgically....I had my first and only cavity at that time because I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to brush the very back teeth....I had what is called a pinhole cavity and it was filled as soon as I got over my surgery....things went on until age 29....I married and my husbands teeth were in bad shape, and as my dentist had retired I found one close to my new home and persuaded my new husband to go with me.....

This new dentist not only took x-rays, he took a swab of our tongues and after our cleaning he told me the news.....I had taken good care all my life with my dental health but it wasn't enough....when he let me look at my husbands slide....there were about seven or eight bacteria swimming on his.....on mine...there were over three hundred....that's when I was told I had inherited my Dads periodontal disease like my sister had.....altho my case was worse than hers....

My local dentist tried several things to help...and I did everything he told me to do.....I bought an irrigator...and used it with medicines in the my regular routine.....things were worse at my next 6 month gums were now beinning to bleed with every brushing and the gums were not a healthy red anymore....they were loosening from my teeth....the next thing we tried was adding peroxide to my routine to help with the bacteria....another six months and my mouth was worse than dentist then recommended I irrigate with a clorox(yes I said Clorox) and water solution.......same story six months problem and mouth was worse.....

I then took my dental health into my own hands.....I researched the disease and found out that it does no good to just treat the need surgery to clean out all the existing bacteria around the gums and down to the roots and all the way to the bone....the next time I went for cleaning...I told my hygenist that I was tired of doing everything I was told only to find my problem worse...and asked her to ask my dentist to recomment a perodontist that deals with the disease....they referred my to a good one in huntsville alabama....and I went...

My mouth was so bad...and the teeth so sensitive they had to put me to sleep to clean them....after this was doctor told me that I would need surgery to help them help me to get my disease under control....I agreed and a week later I was put to sleep again...and the bacteria was cleaned out all the way to the bone....stitches were done and I was sent home....for six weeks I ate thru a straw and finally my mouth healed.....then we had our first talk abut pockets.....and how bad mine were (pockets are the measurments taken with a gage to see how deep the bone loss is, which is what periodontal disease does if left unchecked, it literally destroys the bone which leads to your teeth falling out because the bone is so damaged it can no longer hold teeth in place) pockets were 7 and 8....if they get to 9 or ten you lose your for the next 30 years I fought to keep my teeth....

My pockets would improve but for the first years only to 5 and I had a second surgery.....and then what is called a deep cleaning...all the way to the bone, several times in the next years.....that got my mouth under control....pockets were 4 to body just seemed to produce more bacteria....and with everything I was wasn't enough....I was now on an oral my regular brushing and an antibiotic daily...twice per day....I was now holding my own but having to see my periodontist every 3 months.....which is really expensive....but I figured it was was worth it as both parents and a brother had lost their teeth to the diseas and I had another brother and sister fighting it....

Years went on and I was able...with a lot of expense to keep my teeth....but the gums still bled....even tho I was doing everything I could....over the years I got divorced...and was alone for a while the age of 53 I met a new man...and he is big into health...and he recommended me to take full strength Niacin...he said it would help my mouth....I started it and went to the dentist abouth a month later....not a lot of I asked my dentist to let me go 6 months instead of we had been doing and he didn't like it....but I took Niacin for the next 6 months....and went for my cleaning....understand that until now....every time I went there was loads of gauze used while cleaning to keep things clear where the hygenist could see what she was was normal to see all the blood....I was used to she cleaned....she talked to me as usual.....then all of a sudden she got quiet.....she raised my chair....looked at me and I just noticed I am not having to use gauze...your gums aren't bleeding....what have you been doing?....before I could tell her...she got the gage and told me she wanted to measure my pockets ...they had gone from 5 and 6 to ....1 and 2.....with one 3 in the far back....they had never been that good, not even after the surgeries.....

So she called the periodontal doc in and he was amazed and I told him I had been doing as usual with the brushing and flossing and that I had stopped the antibiotic and oral rinse...and was using Crest health Pro products and taking Niacin every day....he was amazed and said to keep doing what I was doing.....the next 6 month checkup went even better with all the pockets remaining at 1 and 2.....which is I am now at the point where I am looking for a local dentist to keep up with regular cleaning...and I am still on the Niacin....which is a lot cheaper than goiong every 3 months to the dentist and I am doing well... From: P.W.

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