Covid-19 is almost gone why are they screaming

Covid-19 is almost gone why are they still screaming

Covid-19 has been a dreadful nightmare for many and this includes the many who have suffered adverse reactions from vaccines, those that lost their jobs and livelihood, and even many who lost their homes. It started out terrifying because it was an unknown and there were serious losses of life initially.

Add to this the significant re-structuring of lives and the economy has left us in a state where we are unsure of what will manifest next. The rush to create a vaccine has caused significant harm and a serious loss of trust among the populations of many countries.

Now, Covid-19 has almost completely disappeared and the mortality associated has dropped to minuscule compared to other issues. The average number of daily deaths WORLDWIDE has been less than 1000 daily since last April ( April of 2023 ).

Covid-19 cases world wide

Covid-19 current deaths worldwide.

Yet they are screaming about how bad and deadly it is and thet everyone needs to rush in and get the pootentially deadly vaccines that they offer. The truth is that the vaccin industry in particular and the medical industry in general are all too happy to profiteer off of this mute threat.

Yesterday, 16 Nov 2023, there was less than 5000 new cases and less than 20 Covid-19 deaths in all of the US. They continue to pump information showing vast numbers of deaths in the US in a extensive attempt to coerce many who are not aware into getting the vaccines.

They are using data from 2022 while current new cases and new deaths are very low

while current charts show few infections in the US

Also showing far fewer deaths in the US

So, what has happened?

The pro-vaxxers certainly want to say that the vaccines cause the reduction in cases and deaths but I have to say whoa and hold on. As I reported in October of 2021 , cases were droping but that this did NOT coincide with the distribution oof the vaccine. In fact after the peak of vaccinations, cases and deaths continued to rise.

An even stronger rebuttal to the idea of these vaccines actually working is that some of the highest vaccinated countries such as the UK, also had the highest rates of infections and deaths.

I should also note here that the wearing of masks had little to do with the reduction of Covid-19 cases and deaths. If this was the case, then Covid would bnever have reached such proportions. Almost EVERYONE in Wuhan China was wearing masks BEFORE the outbreak.

The truth is, Covid-19 has followed its natural course of evolution and most people that have previously been infected have at least some resistance or immunity to current strains of the virus. Not only that, I believe that many people have learned from this experience and a major reason for the reduction in both cases and deaths is understanding the importance of vitamins, nutrition, and exercise in fighting disease and illness. We saw early on that it was mostly the frail who were dying. People with poor nutrition, or of advanced age, or even of unhealthy weight.

Vitamin D3 and K2 are critical in both avoiding and fighting Covid-19 and other illness as well. Vitamin C is also important. Bromelain may help to digest the spike proteins. There are also other things that are found to be or at least thought to be beneficial.

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