FDA answers about the Zapper

In the past, both the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) and the FTC ( Federal Trade Comission ) have filed charges against Dr. Hulda Clark and against several companies that sell zappers or related products. Most of these charges were for misrepresentation of product benefits or for making unsubstantiated claims of health benefits. As an effort to keep a clean slate with both the FDA and the FTC, we researched both web sites and contacted them directly to make sure that our representations were true and fair.

The FDA monitors health related products including medical devices, devices that emit energy that might be harmful, medications, and dietary supplements ( herbals ) among other duties. The FTC insures fair trade and provides for consumer protection.

After researching the FDA website for information about various zappers including ParaZapper and finding little information, I personally wrote to their freedom of information office asking for details about any claims that they may have had regarding zappers and zapping.

We found the following information: One person reported having problems with their pacemaker when they used a Hulda Clark Zapper ( brand was not available but could not have been ParaZapper ). There were not any other incidences or reports available.

To clarify and investigate further, I personally wrote to the FDA and asked the following questions and received the responses listed for each.

ParaZapper Customer comments

Please visit our new site at https://huldaclarkparazapper.com

The zapper introduced by Dr. Hulda Clark can provide relief from many illnesses caused by parasites.
The zapper models ParaZapper, ParaZapperPLUS™, and ParaZapperCCa™ are Hulda Clark parasite zappers and offer improvements in quality and reliability over other zappers.

For the best in


use ParaZapper
More about the Hulda Clark zapper and parasite zapping

Since Dr. Hulda Clark first introduced the zapper in her books, use has been expanded and many improvements have been made. ParaZapper has been found to be effective in stopping and reducing colds and the flu in addition to helping to alleviate many other health problems. Whether you are fighting any major illness or just want to improve your health, parasites may be hindering your recovery by stealing nutrition and by dumping their toxic wastes into your body.

Because of the high level of effectiveness previously claimed for our zapper, the FDA has singled us out and limited any statements made on our websites. This includes removing all testimonials and effectiveness statistics from our site where zappers are sold as well as any health claims. Businesses in the United States are not allowed to make claims without the approval of the FDA. If you visit a site with a lot of testimonials posted, they are probably not inside of the U.S. For legal reasons, ParaZapper™ is not offered or promoted as a device to cure anything or to prevent impairment to human health. In some cases people may experience a feeling of improved wellbeing. With a honest 30 day limited money back guarantee and 99 percent of survey respondents claiming that the FDA should allow ParaZapper™ sales. This is an political opinion with which we agree. Our attorneys have provided us with the following information to answer these questions.

The FDA has not presented us with any claims of injury or harm from ParaZapper products.

It is legal for a person to use a device for something that is different from what it is sold for. This choice includes personal experimentation, you can order one and choose to use or experiment with the zapper after purchasing it.

Due to FDA restrictions, Hulda Clark Zappers are not sold or intended treat or cure disease.

We currently offer zappers for water treatment in ponds and cooling towers, aquarium maintenance, for use on animals by licensed veterinarians, for research, and as a curiosity or conversation piece. However, if you wish to order a zapper and use it for your own purposes, according to the information presented, you have a right to do so. Since we can not make claims in regards to some of the things that zappers are reputed to do, we offer a limited 30 day money back guarantee to insure your satisfaction.

Congressional Petition for FDA to allow zappers

Due to FDA regulations the zapper may not be sold for use on humans or animals. Dr. Hulda Clark does not sell or produce zappers and has no financial interest in this web site. Our use of her name on this site is to give credit where credit is due. So how can you get one for personal use? The FDA regulates commerce (businesses) so we do not sell products for use on humans or animals.

Why water treatment? It is a good use for the zapper.
The zapper has been shown to kill microbes under microscopic observation. It is not known how large of a volume of water the zapper would be effective in, research carefully. We have observed that the small amount of electricity produced by the zapper can safely kill at least some potentially parasitic organisms living in water. In cooling towers and ponds, this can reduce some growth and odors, reducing the need for environmentally hazardous chemicals. In aquaria, it has been observed to help reduce fungal growth in some cases.

Due to FDA considerations,
only instructions for the above mentioned uses ( water treatment, etc. ) are included. The instruction manual for personal use is not included with zapper orders.

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