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The FDA is actively trying to close down companies that sell zappers including ParaZapper. Because of this we are petitioning congressional committees to limit the action of the FDA in this matter and are asking you to join us in voicing your opinion.

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In the late 1980's, Dr. Hulda Clark (a naturopathic doctor) published a book "The Cure for All Diseases" which combined with her other books has sold millions of copies. In this book, she introduced a device called the "zapper" which uses a very small battery current to help eliminate parasites from the body. This device is non-patentable, and is public domain. Diagrams and instructions are freely available to anyone who has the skill to make their own. The problem is that very few people have the skill and equipment to make one so it is important to have these available for public distribution as they do provide beneficial results. These devices are readily available in many other countries.

There are likely almost a million of these "zappers" discretely in use today and their popularity is growing tremendously due to their effectiveness and safety.

Unfortunately, the medical establishment sees these devices as a threat not only to their social standing but to their income. Because of this, the FDA has launched a campaign to harass and persecute those who venture to promote these devices. The FDA has shown a double standard in this regard as it classifies stronger more damaging devices as a CLASS I, with far less strengent rules, while presenting contradictory claims that this device does not work and that it should be classified as a CLASS III device. Stronger devices such as TENS units are available in grocery stores in Europe. It is the people who have benefitted from the use of these products who are adding their names below and request that you take action to stop the harassment by the FDA and allow free public access to these products. The zapper is legal and freely available in Canada, EU (Europe), and many other countries.

To protect the privacy of individuals who sign this petition, only the city and state are shown here and only for those who post a comment. We have many more who did not leave a comment.

Petition comments

Names withheld for privacy but are available to the intended recipients.
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College Grove, TNI want to be able to freely purchase a parazapper if I choose. It has been a great help to me and never a danger. I want the freedom to choose how I can stay healthy@ without the interference of the government.
Battle Creek, MII have surgeon documentation of breast cancer tumor size reduction of a full centimeter in 14 days of using the a Zapper. It saved me from chemo-therapy. Don't remove our right to try products.
Orange, CAlet the buyer decide what to buy
Fresh Meadows, NYit is my right to heal myself as I see fit. The parazapper helps me sustain good health.
Loco, OKThe parazapper worked wonderfully for the 4 members of my family that needed and used it.
Atlanta, GAThe zapper helps us.
Gloversville, New YorkI have used a zapper for 1 full year and have not been sick once @not even a cold. Please don't take away our right for being responsible for our own healthcare. It will keep insurance costs down and free up the doctors for people who really need them.
Milford, NHThe zapper has Helped me. I think the FDA should mind their own business and let these people continue to help people that CHOOSE to use these zappers.
Baden, PAAfter being sick for a year and a half I got relief from colitis.
Burien, Wait doesnt seem to work for me
Raleigh, NCThese parazappers are helping to save lives
Sellersburg, IndianaThe zapper is a real blessing and we shouldn't have to go to Europe to get one.
Hot Springs, ARPlease
Hot Spring, ARIt is time to stop what appears to be the complete influence of the large companies on our govenment. Especially where our medications are concerned.
Hot Springs, ARDissolve the FDA and let proffessional qualified personal determine for each state the quality or effectiveness of a new drug. Exremely stiff fines at least 1@2 millions dollars for allowing any outside influences to effect their unbiased conclusions.l
Andover, MAtell them to fight crime
Amherst, OhioAlthough the zaper did not help in mymother's case of advanced cancer
Las Vegas, NevadaGreat health preventive device.
anchorage , alaskaI have had relief because of the zapper. That being said
Sun City West, ArizonaThe proper use of this Zapper would reduce diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. The use of antibiotics would be reduced by 60 to 90 percent. This would reduce to cost of medicare.
Onancock, Virginiawe could always build our own anyway
costa mesa, caless government is always better. We can make bombs and missles to get to mars but we cant kill a little bad bacteria or cure a disease@ stop the world wide deception and put the drug dealers out of business.
Ridgway, COi think the parazapper is a much safer thing than many of the approved pharmaceuticals out there. It is simple to use and has potential to help.
Peru, INGet the government off our backs.
Tempe, AZMembers of the House or Senate should try zapping and see and feel for themself the results of zapping. You do not need to be a trained medical professional to feel the results. Zapping simply kills the parasites in all our bodies. So please take the time to truly understand zapping and what the benefits are from zapping.
Grapevine, TXour country should be moving towards more freedom for citizens to choose their own avenue of health care NOT TOWARDS MORE RESTRICTION
New Port Richey, FLI don't understand why the FDA feels compelled to interfere with the supplement-vitamin or alternative modality industry. We are not forced to buy something and all items come with a disclaimer. More people have died by drug related issues than have through alternative medicine. My health is much better then it was with only a doctor's monitoring. Keep the freedom of choice.
Lancaster, KentuckyZappers are a wonderful benefit and the FDA should not try to stop the sale in the US.
Connelly Springs, North CarolinaIt is our right and freedom
Springvale, MEIs there any way a person can still purchase a zapper from your company. My friend is in stage four ovarian cancer. She has to travel to my home several times a week to use my Zapper. She's like one of her own.
Somersworth, New HampshireIt would be utterly rediculous if a law were passed to illegalize zappers.
Trumbauersville, PAI Love My Zapper
Lantana, FloridaPlease let everyone try the zapper-you'll see it owrks.
Greenwich, NYZappers offer a low cost
Jefferson , GAWork hard and do the best you can.
Lubbock, TexasThe FDA should stop joining with the Chemical Companies to push their poisons on sick people. The FDA should no by now that prescriptions drug do not heal any sicknesses. NOT A SINGLE ONE. The FDA needs to get out of bed with the medical establishments and pharmacutical companies and start looking out for the health of all Americans. They "FDA" need to become involved in natural treatments and be truthful about how harmful drugs really are when Americans consume them. Any drug that has numerous side effects @And all chemical drugs do@ that will cause the person consuming them to become sicker or die. This is not looking out for the health of Ameicans. They are looking out for the Drug Companies and Medical establishments. I only wish that someone in our Government would wake up and see what drugs are and quit protecting these companies and pushing pills to solve the sicknesses of Americans. Only the body can heal if we become sick. No drugs will do that. Thank You for allowing me to make some comments. There are many more I'd like to say.
Charlotte, NCTell the FDA to allow us to make our own decisions regarding our health and how we treat it. They have done enough damage by allowing poisons like fluoride in our toothpaste and benzene and other toxins in our cosmetics and shampoos. I don@t know how the people at the FDA sleep at night.
Careywood, IdahoA neighbor passed dead parasites 2-3 inches long. After a liver flush.
great falls, vazappers have not given me any side effects
Medway, MAIT WORKS!!!
brooklyn, new yorkthe fda should push hard for zappers to be allowed instead of restricting them. i'm talking on behalf of myself and many others
Onset, MAPlease don't let the government stop you!!!!!
Bethesda, MDThe FDA has no place interfering in the manufacture of health devices for private use. I urge Congress to block the FDA in this matter.
Sturbridge, Maget er done @
Oceanside, CAThis is a device which contributes to good health. The FDA should allow consumers the freedom and personal choice in purchasing this device.
San Antonio, TexasParazapper is a safe
Sacramento, CAIt works@
Sacramento, CAIt works.
Ellenton, FloridaIt Works
Ellenton, FloridaHelped cure common cold
Dronten, The Netherlandsy ePlease let the world heal itself by preventing illness instead of fighting the damage with overpaid we only make them for the profit medicines. The parazapper and the like devices are a strong aid in preventing illness by supporting the immuun system by eliminating parasites bacteries and virusses. This a real life safer spread it round the world. This device was intentionally not patented specifically for the benefit of the layman.
Jamestown, NCI want my choice of medical options.
Pinson, ALThis device has helped my fight against cancer.
Santa Ana, CaliforniaI Cant believe this is Happening
Redondo Beach , CAI use the device to relieve great pain and must have access
Bronx, NYI think its unethicle and amoral to try to shut down these type of companies . Everyone deserves equal opportunity in helping the public live healthier if they choose to.
Littlerock, CaPlease allow Para Zapper devices to continue selling thier products for our health
Las Vegas, Nvalternative sources of health care is a personal choice and a freedom we should be able to excercise
Dothan, ALleave it alone it is good
Tampa, FLLobbying reform is needed to remove undue influence of big pharma.
peru, ilHow can you allow the FDA to take away our freedom to choose what is best for our health This would be wrong and I would be appalled if this were to happen. The Big Pharma companies had their chance to help people and they are failing to meet the challenge. I believe that if the FDA sticks their nose in they will side with the Pharmaceutical companies and do whats best for them and not the people that they are supposed to be protecting. People are more safe choosing natural remedies than they could ever be taking an approved drug.
virginia beach, virginiaI was outraged when I tried to buy a parazapper and found out that someone also had allready decided for me.Stop it.
Saint Barthelemy, French West IndiesI know then Zapper system is good for healt
Saint Barthelemy, French West IndiesI know then Zapper system is good for healt
Macomb, MIWe still need freedom of choice
Santa Ana, CaI really would like to purchase this produst I am losing the use of my hands because of arthritis and I knoe this can help me. I dont want to be filled up with drigs for this I want to clease the toxins and anything that has settled in my joints.
Espanola, New MexicoI have used the Parazapper for approximatley 5 years. It works. This action by the FDA is an infingement on MY rights.
Galion, OhWe should have the right to purchase what we want without government interference.
Raleigh, NCThis works when surgery and medication failed
port charlotte, flawe need alternative methods in this country we do not need to be held captive by mainstream medicines.
port charlotte, flawe need alternative methods in this country we do not need to be held captive by mainstream medicines.
Grandview, TxI dont need the government telling me what is best for my health I feel I have the right to decide what is the best options for my personal health care.
Green Cove Springs, FloridaLet the people make their own decisions
Ogden, UtahThis zapper has helped me so much in keeping pain from my teeth stopped. Why would you stop something that can help me. Please do not stop manufacture and sales of such helpful devices.
St Thomas, VIthe FDA is trying to force me into being sick. I bought a zapper and have had nothing but good success with its use and greatly improved health. The FDA is greedy spurred on my the drug companies who just want to kill us all.
Brooklyn, NYFreedom of choice in healthcare for everyone. Thank You.
Portland, ORThe FDA is misusing its authority
Spokane, WA.The Zapper has helped my wife and m self get over diffrent colds and flues
Forest Grove, OregonAs my health has seriously failed the past 10 years my attempts at recovery have frequently been thwarted by the actions andor rulings of the FDA. This government entity masquerades as a guardian of the people but I know from personal experience that it has added significantly to my misery and pain by shielding companies and allowing them to prey upon the unsuspecting public. The FDA must stop all such obtrusive behavior immediately. Better yet the FDA should be dissolved.
Lihue, HII have used the zapper and find it very beneficial to me. Mine broke and I want to replace it. Please do something more important than trying to limit the publics option to find alternative care for themselves
mechancisville, vaThey are health benefits to this product
Miami Beach, FLFDA cannot interfere with our rights
North Canton, OhioA very close friend was diagnosed terminal 1 to 3 month expectancy6 years ago by medical professionals using FDA approved techniques. His 11year old son going to live with the boys mother her husband was not a realistic option. This man researched every avenue he heard about to prolong his life. Three years ago he was assigned a new oncologist who atfer examining his history asked him What are you doing here Why are you still alive My friend told him about some of the nutritional regimens he had been using and why. He also said and other things. Other things meant using an electronic device a zapper to introduce Rife type frequencies into his body. He used different sets of frequencies for specific treatment of his tumors pain etc. He not only claimed sucess with these methods his servival to this point has the medical profession a bit puzzled. While he is not cured may not ultimately survive he is much closer to getting his son off to a better start because of his effort and dedication. But for his son he might have said enough some where along this very hard journey. The Rife treatments were not mentioned directly to the doctors nor would they be inclined to condone their use as the medical profession is not permitted to acknoledge or partake of this science. If this man this layman could do what he has so far what might the professionals with all their knowledge research capablity do if they used these ideas. The FDA has for decades been fighting against this form of treatmentas it will not benefit the drug companies. THINK NOT Just try Googling Royal Rife or Rife. Check it out if you really care. Do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution You will decide. Besides this is America. What I do to me is for me to say. Yes Really. please take a good look before you decide. thank you
Norfolk, VAGive this alternative therapy the chance it deserves
Mountain View, California RepublicFDA have been documented to suppress vital cures in the past. The judicial system is being compromised in this country. Please take actions according to your oath of office.
Southampton, NYThe FDA should be restrained from making law
Waltham, MAI have used a zapper to cure cancer. It is dead obvious to me that the FDA is acting to protect the pharma cartel NOT consumers. Stop the medical gestapo
Camden, SCPlease allow US citizens free health choice
Downers Grove, ILIThis is a matter of free choice for my health and well-being...Thank-you for your concern
Marana, AZI have used my zapper for at least 8 years and it has helped my health immensely. I would be very unhappy being asked to live without it or being told I cant replace it when necessary or to have to pay 1000 for a 60 item.
Houston, TexasWorks
Overland Park, KansasI am tired of a having a floozy of an organization like the FDA regulate anything that effects my health. All they do is protect profits for the drugs companies.
Stevesnvillle, MontanaPlease allow us to make our own choices on health care
Rancho Cordova, CAYou should allow the zapper to be sold. It is the right for every human to feel as though they have the right to fight for thier own lives. It doesnt matter if it works or not. It is the right of the human to try everything in thier power to hold on to the life that is so precious. The idea of a healing method is healing in it self. Please dont take the hope away. Give back the hope. Let the zappers be sold. I beg and pleed for this to be returned to the market.
Seattle, WashingtonThere are so many people who could benefit from using a Parazapper...I encourage anyone with parasites to try one...thats probably more people than you think Maybe there should be a study done to show the effectiveness of the parazapper...Im quite certain it would make the grade
Chehalis, WAI have a right to buy a zapper.
El Paso, TexasThere is too much government. We reserve the right to seek alternative ways of healing. The pharmeceuticals have made a mega business by use of the FDA. Chemo is not the answer. My aunt died because chemo and friend died because of the govenment approved chemo therapies. Let us live and die in peace in our own choices. Dr. Clark I pray that Jesus be with you always especially now. Amen.
Rockville, MDI have had only positive experiences using a zapper and would like to continue to allow them to be sold.
Tampa, FLThe FDA is corrupt beyond belief. Its all about the money and not the health of the American public.
Fulton, MOit works dont knock it--beats drugs any day
Santa Clarita, CAI think we should have the right to investigate alternative natural health methods without the constriction of the FDA and the AMA trying to control everything just so they can have a financial monopoly on health care
glen ridge, njhonor personal choice please
Randallstown, MarylandAmericans have a right to make their own health decisions. The FDA is simply trying to protect the interests of the drug companies. We need protection of our rights Thank you. Please make the FDA stop its unwarranted interference. Thank you.
Quakertown, PaIs this not supposed to be a free country
Carlsbad, CaliforniaLegalize B17 therapies
Carlsbad, CaliforniaLegalize B17 therapies
Titusville, FloridaI would like to purchase a zapper and cannot because of FDA restrictions.
Walnut Creek , CaliforniaThe first zapper I made cured a dental infection I had for 30 days.
Chapel Hill, NCI have used the ParaZapper every week for about a year. It always reduces my allergy symptoms and reduces my tiredness. It would be a crime against the American people to prevent such a helpful low-cost device from being sold.
Alden, MNAs a citizen of a free country I should have the right to choose my way to good health.
Chicago, ILplease allow people to make there own health choices Thanks
mercer%2Cisland, WAseems to work
Macomb , MichiganThe FDA is commiting a silent poisionous holocaust against the american people. Only the truth will set us free.
balto, mdparazapper works very well
Floyds Knobs, Indianaa beneficial harmless device
Huntington, WVCan we get a good reason why it is not approved if it can help people
Marina Del Rey, CAFreedom of health choices are critical to improving American Health
Florence, OREveryone has the right to choose what they want to use to improve their health
East Northport, New YorkMy rights are being infringed upon I have used the zapper for quite some time with great results. I would appreciate youre giving me back my right to order and refer others to this remarkable device.
bensalem, padeliberately holding back knowledge of true healthcare and allowing people to get sick and die is MURDER
Rush Springs, OkGood products should be left alone.
El Dorado, KansasFreedom for health choices.
Clearwater, FLThis zapper really works. It is non-invasive and has no side effects.
Raleigh, NCsign combatting autism act
San Rafael, CAYou let cigs. be sold and they sure do kill you. Does the parazapper kill too
Lancaster, OHIOThese devices are helping people live..Please do not shut these people down. This is a counrty of freedom and we want o decide the health plan and path we choose. thank you
Mertztown, PAThe rife devices are really good and are far better than any drug or surgery available So if the companies are shut down Ill leave the country become an expatriat and renounce my citizenship and break all ties with the stupid FDA So say bye-bye to drugs and surgery because rife technology is the medicine of the very near future in my opinion.
aurora, ildon not shut down companies who sell zappers- just so some major drug or medical co can take over the production
Orlando, Flthis zapper has helped me more then any Medical drugs
Orlando, Flthis zapper has helped me more then any Medical drugs
Boca Raton, fFl.The Zapper is very useful in ridding your body of parasites. It appears that the drug companies and the AMA are actually enemies of the people when it comes down to CURING disease. I have seen through the years that anytime that a treatment or product emerges the AMA and the DRUG COMPANPIES Use the FDA or whatever federal agency which is available to try to close the companies down. Why is it that no medical doctor ever cured anyone of any disease and lived to talk about it. The Drug companies AMA FDA should be ashamed.of their actions and attitudes. Thank You ---L.Spivak
Menifee, CAThis is a likely benficial product and not harmful. There are tons of harmful products food additives and drugs on the market that that should be banned instead. Also advertising of prescription drugs should be banned.
Coronado, CAFDA is a joke until everyone with a valid concept can be validated or invalided scientifically. Nothing is a hoax until proven to be so by independant researchs.
Dexter, MIplease allow us to continue to purchase and use these products
Cocoa, FloridaI believe it is only right that I be able to make my own choices in regard to my personal health
Alameda, CAMy family has been zapping since 1996. It has helped my family over and over. I believe that zapping is a life style choice and should be protected.
scappoose, oregonfreedom please
Pinckney, MII have had my zapper for several years. I have had very positive results. It is much more effective gentle and free of side effects than drugs. Much less expensive in the long run also.
Paris, TexasI request that you allow the petition of these devises many people have benefied from them.
Athens, GAWe should be free to make our our choices about what health products we use. We should also be free to share with others what has worked for us without the fear of punishment.
san antonio, texaswe should have freedom to choose
kapolei, hawaiihealth needs
Detroit, MichiganDont regulate real health
Midwest City, OKThe FDA does not protect citizens - it protects big businesses especially the AMA. tits a business that protects its organization and the organizations that fund it. Parasites cause high cholesterol - the drugs they approved for this condition DESTROYS healthy bodies. When they actually approved drugs that actually destroy parasites I will start believing the FDAs function is to protect citizens.
Midwest City, OKThe FDA does not protect citizens - it protects big businesses especially the AMA. Its a business that protects its organization and the organizations that fund it. Parasites cause high cholesterol - the drugs they approved for this condition DESTROYS healthy bodies. When they actually approved drugs that actually destroy parasites I will start believing the FDAs function is to protect citizens.
Edgartown, MAUnfortunately there is nothing conventional medicine can do for us in cases like this. I am sure the Pharmaceutical giants are behind trying to stop us from getting these devices. These devices are truely beneficial.
Bolivar, OhioThe FDA needs to stop attempts to shutdown effective alternative treatments that are being used by many because of the far greater dangers of drugs.
palmerdale, alPlease leave our health choices free and intact. thank you.
Joliet, ILPlease stop trying to close down Para Systems and Devices LLC ParaZapper and other companies that manufacture and sell a group of products known as parasite zappers and other electro-therapy products.
Sydney%2C Australia, NSWMany people benefit from this harmless device it saves you in healthcare cost. Be smart not greedy
West Palm Beach, FloridaI made a very crude devise which has healed a nerve damaged area that was on my wrist which was caused by a cat bite I recieved over 10 years ago. I dont know how it worked all I know is that prior ot zapping my wrist was tender sore and it tingled when rubbed even gently now I can rub it vigorously and I get no discomfort.
Bronx, N.Y.Take charge of your health
Brunswick, MEWhat kind of people envoke the suffering of so many. You will never find peace. In 1900 America was the healthiest country in the WORLD
San Pedro, CAThis is the best cure for me when I get a cold or flu and recently diarrhea. Nothing has ever worked like this. Its truly a miracle for me. I could be extrememly sick with the flu and zap and within 15 minutes I was better totally cured. This is no lie. I used to be sick all the time for weeks. My immune system is so much better. I dont worry about getting sick because I know I have a miracle cure. It has literally worked for me every time Ive used it when I was sick. I cant believe you would want to keep me from purchasing one because of that great success Ive had. Ive tried medical drugs and that doesnt work for me i.e. antibiotics. If you would only try it yourselves you would be surprised and would definitly want one for your family. I never imagined there could be something like this to take away my illnesses immediately. I cant live without one. This is America land of the free. Im very cautious when I make decisions concerning my health. Canada uses it their doctors use it on their patients. Doesnt the F
San Pedro, CAThis is the best cure for me when I get a cold or flu and recently diarrhea. Nothing has ever worked like this. Its truly a miracle for me. I could be extrememly sick with the flu and zap and within 15 minutes I was better totally cured. This is no lie. I used to be sick all the time for weeks. My immune system is so much better. I dont worry about getting sick because I know I have a miracle cure. It has literally worked for me every time Ive used it when I was sick. I cant believe you would want to keep me from purchasing one because of that great success Ive had. Ive tried medical drugs and that doesnt work for me i.e. antibiotics. If you would only try it yourselves you would be surprised and would definitly want one for your family. I never imagined there could be something like this to take away my illnesses immediately. I cant live without one. This is America land of the free. Im very cautious when I make decisions concerning my health. Canada uses it their doctors use it on their patients. Doesnt the FDA approve drugs that end up killing people or causing serious side effects I dont want to take that risk. This is such a better alternative. So please consider my statement in approving the para zapper plus for sale in the USA. Thank you
Rochester, NYFREEDOM
San Marcos, CAI want the right to purchase this product
Houston, TXDear Members of COngress -
Anchorage , AKThe FDA must be stopped from infringing on individual liberty
Brentwood, NyPlease Stop punishing companies that make zappers they are good for people because they kill bacteria and viruses wtihout antibiotics.
Nevada City, CAThe zapper isa VERY helpful tool
lebanon, tnwe need to be able to make up our own decisions when buying natural products
Nashville, Tennesseethe zapper works. Havent taken medication for years
San Ramon, CAPlease allow the sale of the Zapper
palm bay, flzappers are great
Augusta, Ga.Please allow the continued use of these products
Surprise, ArizonaThe parasite zapper saved my life
Texarkana, TXThe federal government has fromed a very powerful AMA and uses the FDA as a scape route to ensure the codependancy of the American people. The FDA should consider picking and choosing its battles more carefully. The American people may wake up to the fact that they should have more right to personal health care. Out of the states health care is becoming more prevelant. What then will you try to stop people from traveling. Will deomcracy cease to exist
twin bridges, mtAs a U.S. citizen I have have the choice of freedom whether I want to use a zapper or not I dont want the FDA telling me what I can and cant use the FDA has approved drugs such as Vioxx which they said was safe I took Vioxx and it was not safe I believe the zapper is safe I have used a home made Zapper for years and have enjoyed good health because of it please do not give the FDA power to take away my choice to buy and use Zappers.
Milwaukee, WIThe FDA has no constitution right to stop people from their choice in their own health care. This is totally each persons choice and their constutional right. I am sick and tired of the FDA. They need to go after the corporations that are pishing all the poisonous foods meats water cell phones et. etc. etc. When is the tyrany coing to stop.
St. Thomas, US Virgin IslandsPlease let it be known that I am seriously against any more FDA involvement when it comes to monitoring and removing things from the marketplace that are helpful to people. The FDA is supposed to protect consumers nopolice their every choice.
Pittsburgh%2C, PennsylvaniaPlease limit the action to be taken by the FDA. The zappers should be allowed to be made and purchased.
Tujunga, CAThree year of treatment with medical doctors di not cure me from fibromyalgia but the zapper and the parasite herbs have stop the pain.
Bradenton, FLWhat happened to our rights as U.S. Citizens of a supposed Free Country My family and I have used the Zapper and have found tremendous results Please allow continued sales of the Zapper. Thank You
Campbell, CaWhat do you gain if you gain the whole world but loose your soul Get Congress off the drug Co. payrel.
Rawlins, WYI am a tax paying voter with concerns about my rights to the health care of my choice not to be dictated by the pharmacicuetical companies nor the frauds of the hypocratic outh
Escondido, CaFor once in your misrable political life stop siding with big business just once and do what is right for the people.
Marysville, OHPlease let ME make my own choices
decatur, al.this is my right
Mesquite, TXListen
Chaffee, MOThis is the greatest to ever happen to me.
Delaware, OhioYes I have used them and they work Leave the manufacturers alone.
Ione, CAThis product hs helped me and should not be taken off the market. It should be a free choice not a congressional commitee that tells individuals what treatment they can use.
Rock Island, IllinoisWhy try to stop someone helping others
Coral Gables%2C , FLPlease let us use whatever we consider good for our bodies
Chula Vista, CAThis is a free country with free choices so stop limiting our choices
Elk Grove, CAWithout the zapper I would not have overcome a life threatening infection and I would
Elk Grove, CaliforniaWithout the zapper I would NOT have overcome a life threatening infection one that doctors did not resolve after 6 years and I would NOT have returned to work Get your cotton-pickinghands off the zapper
Elk Grove, CaliforniaWithout the zapper I would NOT have overcome a life threatening infection one that doctors did not resolve after 6 years and I would NOT have returned to work Get your cotton-pickinghands off the zapper
norfork, arkansasthe zappers really work
anaheim, cai world like to use a zapper product on my sick animals and plants
Sandy, UtahI wish I could have tried this product before I lost my colon.
east haven, connecticutPlease dont allow the pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishments lobbyists to limit our choices to their symptomatic destructive toxic and often lethal offerings. There are other options such as these referenced above which have long records of proven health benefit in other countries. The FDA has long since ceased to represent the interests of the American people in health matter. Don
Sagle, IdahoI have seen this treatment work on limes disease and completly cure it
Auburn, WAI am absolutely furiated that they could possibly try to take our health from us
Adger, ALIt works
Coleraine, Co. LondonderryPlease allow companies to manufacture and distribute zappers to their customers and friends
Huntington Beach , CaliforniaPlease prevent the F.D.A. from closing down the sellers of Zappers. They are safe to use and it is not fair to force people to use Pharmacuetical Drugs when they do not want to. This is our right please do not take it away.
Granada Hills, CAIn my experience as both an electrical engineer and a user of these devices battery operated zappers are harmless to humans and beneficial to improving health when used correctly.
Long Beach, CaliforniaZapper cure millions and Death millions by FDA approve drug. Stop the FDA from people who can help themselves. Thank you. Rath.
Kuttawa, KYIt is our God-given right to choose health treatments.
steger, ilif people believe it works . leave them alone
Wenatchee, WAZappers at worst are placebo and at best are a valuable medical device.
Chesterfield, MOEmerson wrote Throw a stone into the stream and the circles that propagate themselves are the beautiful type of all influence. Mankind is the beautiful type of all influence engaged in learning and triumphal scientific progress
South Bend, TX.Its our body let us treat it as we like.
Chatsworth, CAPersonal Health should trully be the choice of the individual not the Government.
Riner, VAIf Congress passes laws keeping us from buying zappers I will consider it yet ANOTHER
Riner, VAIf Congress passes laws keeping us from sellingbuying zappers I will consider it yet ANOTHER example of what the huge high dollar lobbiers can buy My freedom of choice should not be for sale. I had a friend make mine but he died old age.
Virginia Beach, VAI believe people should have freedom of choice in purchasing zappers.
tucson, azdo not remove the zapper from the market it works wonders.
Oroville, washingtonno colds parasites dead device works well no gov
Lake City, FLSTOP trying to take away our rights to health care that helps - you are trying to force everyone to accept nothing but the poisons the drug companies are producing.
Huntington, WVThe organizations who are making a lot of money from illness does not want us to be healthy unless we have to pay a lot of money for the priviledge. Drug companys doctors hospitals clinics are among the ones I refer to.
Idabel, OKYou allow huge corporations to sell us chemicals that have been proven to kill us at prices that bankrupt us. Then you shut these people down for selling something that causes no harm of any kind to humans or animals. May God rebuke you.
Clarksville, ArkansasThis technology works quite well and should not be restricted
florence , azPlease protect our rights to choose our own healthcare. Sarah
Sanborn, New YorkPlease do not interfere with the rights of US citizens to make their own free choices in regard to personal health. Unless there is indisputable evidence that these products cause harm to the general public FDA interference appears to be impropper
Des Plaines, ILNo govermental organization should limit my choices in regard to my health. In fact I am the ultimate decision maker about my health and life.
green bay, wisconsingive us our freedom back
CAPON SPRINGS, WVThe FDA does not care about peoples healththey only care about large companys making money from selling there medications. This is an attack on world health as a hole..The zapperhas done wonders for me FDAonly wants to line there pockets with
Gig Harbor, WAImagine the loss of revenue to the drug cartels if people could safely and effectively heal themselves with an electrical impulse. What a travisty to allow the drug cartels the control they wield. Fund research for the zapper
pittsfield , mass.i belive we should to use healthy choices of our own.
Walnut Creed, CaliforniaThe first time I used my home-made zapper I stopped a dental infection that I had for 30 days. I also noticed that it got rid of a toenail fungus infection that I had for years.
fresno, caWe as citizens have the right to make our own health choices
Nashville, tennesseePeople should have free choice to purchase products others have found to be beneficial. The FDA should be free to issue their opinions and warnings but not to make products or services unavailable that folks have derived benefit from
Taylors, SCIt is a right granted me by The United States Constitution to make my own health choices according to what I feel is right for me thank-you.
Jacksonville, FloridaMy health choices are my decision and my business NOT the FDAs We need to have the option to benefit from alternative therapies including the ParaZapper.
Kinnear, WYLet people choose for themselves.
1125 Gamble Gap Rd, Tellico Plains37385
Tellico Plains, TNdont remove hope for those with terminal conditions.
lititz, pa please stop the FDA from health care of choice
Glendale, New YorkLet us make our own health choices please.
Phenix City, AlabamaI am self employed and because I choose to support myself and not live off of the goverment.. I cannot afford to purchase health insurance. I should be allowed the right to use alternative means of securing my health.ALLOW Freedom of Choice
bath, miWe are sick and tired of the Federal government telling us what we can and cannot do to our bodies to protect our health. The FDA only wants us to be sick so we will buy into Big Pharma and waste our money only to get sicker and sicker.
bath, miThe FDA needs to stay out of alternative medicine. They do enough harm mismanaging prescription drugs
bath, miOur family of 5 uses this devise to stay healthy. Leave these safe products alone go back to your chemical treatments that make people sicker and kill thousands
Provo, UtahChoice in alternative therapies should be allowed.
Carson City, MichiganI have been using the Clark protocol for five years now and love its success
Eldridge, IowaThe zapper has done wonders for me and my family.
Raleigh, NCThe Zapper has helped me when Mayo Clinic Duke and UNC -CH hospitals have failed.
Poway, CAWe have the right to use whatever natural products we find helpful. do not interfere with our rights and freedom. This is the United States of America
Austin, TXPlease allow people to choose and stop stepping on our freedom of choice.
Orcutt, CAAs a long time user of the Zapper I can testify that it has improved my health dramatically. But most importantly the FDAs assult on this harmless and beneficial industry is an assult on the peoples right to choose. Please support our freedoms.
los lunas, New Mexicoour health is our busienss
Davis, CaliforniaI have been using the zapper for a long time and love it. It is rediculous to keep those wonderful instruments away from people. They are completely harmless but indeed very helpful.
Cleveland, OhioStop interfering in peoples rights stop working for these drug companies
Elk River, MNThe government needs to stay out of these things. The AMA and Pharmacedical companies need to stop dictating to America
magna, utahwe should disban the fda for the attrocities they have committed
Akron, O H I OPlease let the people you serv prevent and cure desease . And save bilions from drugs.
livingston, njFDA should keep there nose in the pharmaceutical industry and the large profits pack backs lobbying red tape government bureaucracy on health issues which would help our society overall the almighty US dollar
, Good luck
Sunrise, FLYou work for us .So stop obeying lobbyists that do not work for I am in charge of my health and nobody else. The law of this land is our constitution.Do your job that WE THE PEOPLE pay you to do .
Phoenix, AZWe know that cigarettes cause cancer and other ills yet all Americans are able to purchase them. Why shouldnt we be allowed to purchase a Parasite Zapper if we so choose We should be allowed the same freedom of choice when it comes to Health.
Marietta, GAThe FDA has no right to stop anyone their right to choose whatever means they want to heal their bodies.
Marietta, GAThe FDA has no right to stop anyone their right to choose whatever means they want to heal their bodies.
Lexington, KYBack off congress. There is too much comunisum coming out of actions. We want freedom to make our own choices. Thanks
Pueblo , ColoradoMy mother has cancer and conventional therapy did not work
Melvindale, MichiganPlease let us continue to have the freedom to make our own health choices. The FDA has made so many mistakes with some of the drugs they have approved. Please let us continue the freedom to choose ways to better health free of big pharmacy control.
Charlotte hall, Md.All knowledge is not confined to the Universities of this Country. This used to be the land of the free Let us make our own decision.
Conyers, GaWhat harm has the zappers done Doctors have done way more damage than a zapper could ever do I do not believe a zapper can do any harm
Heiskell, TNI support our rights to free heath choices
Sarasota, FlPlease stop the FDA from pursuing zapper manufacturers and depriving me of my health choices.
van buren, arthis device can save millions of liveswhile medical treatment will only prolong pain and suffering i am either going to purchase one of these devices or build one myselfthey are very simple to build.
Sedalia, MOWhen are the people going to start voting you congressman out of office for voting on any issue that takes our freedoms away. We may be enfantile but we are infants. Stop insulting our intellegence. Thank you
Phoenix, AZwhy would we be denied a product such as this
albuquerque , new mexicothe dollar in my mind will never be as important than human life.
Orlando , FloridaMy own familly is bein cure from deseasesdo not let Doctors mafia sistem lead the govermen
Brownsville, TexasI think you should allow for people to use zappers. If you havent tried it then I dont think you have enough arguments to ban it.
DAVENPORT, IAThis product has worked effectively with cold flu allergy symptoms infections cancer and colitis in my family and friends. Please do NOT stop the sale of these items. They dont have nearly the side effects as the pharmaceuticals
mechanicsville, vaPlease dont overlook how this problem gets to the root cause of many health related probems. Ie Candidia parasitesm diabetes liver toxicity and cancer.
Harisburg, Illinoisjust because the drug comapanies cant make money on things doesnt mean they dont work
dammam, saudi
Hastings, MII Am an American... my freedom of choice is suppose to be protected.
Pleasant Grove, UtIm really tired of the FDA protecting their profits and not the people FDA corruptions must be stopped
Brookyn , NYPlease give us our freedom to live I lost too many via so called Traditional Medicine usage...
st pete, flPlease make sure we keep our freedom to enhance our health.
Trezzano Rosa, ItalyZapper works
LEADVILLE, COI was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 20 years ago. Prescription drugs only maintained my condition. 10 years ago I started to seek relieve from alternative sources. The Zapper has helped me feel healther than ever before. Med free for 5 years
norwich, NYThe FDA has no place interfering in the manufacture of health devices for private use. The FDA has killed more people with their drugs than any nutritional or natural health company has ever done. I urge Congress to block the FDA in this matter.
Grass Valley, CaProhibiting it off just because its better than medication
Newark, DEI would like to see this back on the market...modern medicine isnt curing a thing but racking in lots of dollars for their pockets. Please give people the freedom to choose their own health remedies.
Port Chester, NYThis is a free country Lets keep it that way
Chester, ILPut a stop to Gestapo tactics used by the FDA. I demand freedom of choice.
Campbell, CaliforniaAlso take the insurance companies out of Health Care
north vernon, indianakeep FDA out from our lives
Sunnyvale, CAWhen it comes to corrupt govt oppressing the people every action has an equal or greater reaction the more tyranny that is imposed the more resistance will form. You corrupt and criminal traitors are like child molestors at a nursery STOP now.
Las Vegas, NVGive me freedom of choice
Bastrop, LAIts our right
new smyrna beach, flpeople have a right to make there own choice
almajmmah, the kingdom of saudi arabia
Oroville, waThese zappers work wonders. FDA in supposed to be for the people by the people. Dont take our right to choose how to heal ourselves away We the people have the right to be healthy.
Gandeeville, West VirginiaRestrict FDA on private use of Zappers
Chandler, AZI havent used the zapper but I fully support the right of everyone who wants it to have access to it.
Huntington Beach, CaliforniaThe Zapper and other forms of Electricity have helped me emmensely I DO NOT and WILL not be forced to take dangerous pharmacuetical drugs. Health Freedom for all
Miami Springs, FLPlease no not let the FDA take away our personal rights to treatments of our choice.
Birmingham, ALThis is ridiculous. Next youll be regulating toothpaste.
Wyoming, PaThe parazapper does not pose any health dangers and also works on bad bacteria and cold germs as well as small parasites. There is no valid reason to shut this company down.
Plano, TXAbollish the FDA instead Its totally useless
North Ogden, UtahIsnt this the land of the free
West Lafayette, OhioThe FDA is out of control with there so called protection act.
new smyrna beach, floridasave the zapper leave us alone
4325 Dias Lane , Loomis95650
Oklahoma City, OklahomaWe should be able to choose our own health treatments.
Lake Forest, CAIve used the zapper to stop the flu from attacking me.
Cincinnati, OHThe fact that its safe and it works is irrelavent. Dont take away are freedom for a false safety.
Lakeland , TNEach person has the right to decide on hisher medical treatment and from whence it comes.
avon, mayou guys are all scam artists. your the REAL problem. i just think its sad you attack the people who try to spread the word. there is still plenty of sick people to make money from. dont matter to me ill still have my zapper. get real job
Seattle, WAAlternative or conventional therapies should remain the choice of the invidiual.
Pinson, ALThis device should be freely available for choice to use.
Gibsonia, PArep .. you need only to look at safe effective
Schaumburg, lLFreedom of choice should not be taken away
Howald, LuxembourgZappers are a valuable aid in staying free of parasites viruses and many other health-damaging threads. They should be accessible to all and enhanced by the Government not forbidden
kettle falls , waThese devises work great
San Jose, CaliforniaWe do have the freedom of choice and we are able. Thank you.
staten island , new yorki should be able to do whatever i want in regard to my personal health... mind your bees wax.
Waterville, MaineThese devices are useful in protecting the environment when killing rodents without poisons. Please consider the whole picture.
Lake Forest, CAMy zapper has stopped the common cold and flu for me 4 different times. I am an IT tech where I have to touch many peoples dirty keyboards. The zapper works
Raleigh, NCI like choosing for myself
canfield, ohioIt is becoming more and more obvious that the FDA is in it for the money. Please stop all this madness. If you havent noticed by now we are at the biginning of the end. Do something about it. Have the FDA worry about important things
Kalamazoo, MIThe zapper has helped me stay healthy with no colds or flu for the last 3 years.
Georgetown, TNI thought we were a free country to decide what is right for ourselves and our own bodies
Columbia, South CarolinaStop the FDA from interfering in our health choices
Rollng Meadows, ILI have used a zapper for many years. The moment I start to feel the flu or a cold coming on I use the zapper and never get sick.
Matthews, NCWe should be allowed to choose our own health care without government interference. It is a basic right and freedom to make our own health decisions.
Davidson, NCI have a number of chronic conditions that may be caused by parasites. I take a huge amount of medication including narcotics and amphetamines. I would try just about anything to feel better at this point
Mattydale, New York works great let us keep the technology
Haymarket, VAA home-made zapper cured my astigmatism - I now have 2020 vision.
denver, co.Every person is responsible for their own health. Doctors and the FDA areonlytwo of the resources a person may want to consult. People need to take responsibility in all areas of their lives.
Weaverville, NCI want to be able to use a zapper to incorporate into my alt. health program
Dallas, TexasThe FDAs filesdecisions should be openly supervised by the public With the help of various professionals experienced in food and drugs preferably with opposing views so that we the public can decide for ourselves if something is safe or not
Missouri City, TexasFda stands for food and drug agency but not electronics agency
Missouri City, TexasFda stands for food and drug agency but not electronics agency
Lakeside, CAThe Hulda Clark Zapper is wonderful. It works
Kenmore, WAI believe Dr. Clarks research supports their use investigation.
Manchester, New HampshireThis product keeps me alive. Medical Science doesnt believe that I even have an infection because this product works so well.
valrico, floridaIt is my choise as a citizen and human being to chose what I want to in regards to my health. I am also a registered nurse and believe alternative medicine to be of great value.
Miami, FloridaIt is shamelfuly IMMORAL for the FDA to continue to join the chemical and pharmaceutical companies in pushing poisonous drugs o sick people. As a matter of fact it is OUTRIGHT CRIMINAL the most hediousas you pray and abuse the sick and the feeble.
Andrews, InThe zapper works leave it alone The drug companies are a ripp off.
Clinton, marylandThis whole drug cartel is crazy.
marysville, washingtonThe FDA doesnt have to approve it but they shouldnt restrict the sale of something that hasnt been proven to cause harm.
Boulder City, NevadaThis is a great country. We have all this freedom why take away our choices.
San Marcos, CAI use a zapper to help me feel better. I have lyme disease and nothing else helps.
Odessa, FloridaCongress needs to stop going against the US citizens wishes. They are suppose to be here to serve the public hence the term public servant and not pursue their own personal own concerns. The devices have saved many terminally ill cancer patients.
Lodi, ca.Unless youve tested these devices and confirmed they do not work you have no right to ban them. Get some integrity. This is the USA.
Laredo, TexasPlease let us make our on choice
Columbus, MTLet citizens chose there own health care
Phoenix, ArizonaI dont want the Federal Government to tell me what I can or cant to heal myself
Phoenix, ArizonaPlease allow companies to sell Zappers. Thank you
Escondido, CAThese devices have helped some people with a varitey of problems and unless unsafe should not be prohibited. The medical pharmacedical legal interests are geting to big and self interested for the citizens to tolerate much longer.
San Francisco, CAI live in a country with freedom of CHOICE. Why is the FDA restricting my health I have no interest in being addicted to drugs of any sort. Allowing the food and DRUG administration to force Americans to narrow options to only pharmaceuticals is cra
Omak, WaThis is something that works. As opposed to Rxs and Western Medicine.
Port St Lucie, FLthis device is safer than the power grid EMFs that were exposed to on a daily basis
Port St Lucie, FLthis device is safer than the power grid EMFs that were exposed to on a daily basis
Irving, TXPlease allow us to be healthy and you should stop being greedy
Minden, NV For technologies such as the Clark Zapper Congress should demand that these devices output the frequencies and power claimed without having to validate efficacy.
Salisbury, NCFDA- Please leave us alone and let us make our own decisions. I think we are more capable that some government agency to tell us how to run our lives
Billings, MontanaThis is rediculous Congress needs to focus on disease prevention not protecting pharmaceutical companies.
vidor, txI NEED this product
Phoenix, ArizonaAllow companies to sell this product
Scottsdale, ArizonaIf we can radiate the body and put in the poison of kemo why cant we zap which does not harm the body only the cause of illnesses
Atlanta, GAStop being patsies for doctors who want to keep us sick.
Spokane, WAPlease allow the sale of Zappers
San Diego, California RepublicThe Zapper is effective
Gainesville, FloridaIt should be a persons right and decision to get a zapper for their own bodies
New York, NYYou cantshouldnt prevent people from finding alternative types of treatment even if it means dollars lost for big companies. We have to ultimately look out for each other if we ever want to have long lasting success.
georgetown, ky.Protect freedom of speech let us make informed decisions
burbank, CAwhy does it always have to be about money why if something you do not ingest is efficiacious do you wish to deny people the right of freedom of choice
Yucca Valley, CaKeep Big Gov out of our personal lives FDA back off
Berea, KyI say outlaw the FDA since they are only woried about the profits off the so called medical comunity or sould I say wolf in sheeps clothing
Cadillac, MIEnough already You allowed aspartame celebrex and all the other cancer-causing chemicals to push their way through yet refuse to look at preventative measures as a mean to prevent diseases. People are starting to catch on get with it.
Affton, MOHer methods and products cured teenage-itis in my child She was down and grumpy and would not smile. I tried out the Herbal Parasite Cleansing program and the Zapper and my daughter began smiling. TWO DAYS LATER
Cary, IL.this device could save many lives
Worthington , Ohio I believe the world could be healthier if the Hulda Clark Zapper was continuously sold buy removing parasites from our foods we can save many lives but wont that make you richer. I believe a human life has no cost. do you
lakewood, colorado the buyer should have the freedom to decide what to buy
lakewood, colorado the buyer should have the freedom to decide what to buy
Boynton Beach, FLPlease allow the the citizens of this country to have a choice to choose what product in this case the zapper to be use for their own personal health for individuals who does not want to follow traditional medicine.
Yucca Valley, CaEat our food additives i.e Aspertame you will take our drugs In other words Food and Drug Adminstration is after the not of the health of Americans. They need to get the poisons out of our food systems and allow Americans free choice
Warren, RIIt is my right as an american and human being to treat my body however I choose. It doesnt matter if it works or not even though it works wonders for me. Stop selling out to the drugs companies.
Los Angeles, Ca.I wish the FDA would do the job it was established to do which was for the good of the people instad of protecting the profits of drug makers and the like.
Medina, OhioWe are free to make our own decisions its a safe product. Ive used it.
graham, ncat this time the FDA should be banned
WINNETKA, CAThey work well and are safe.
steubenville, ohWe need to do everything we can to protect our rights and prevent the FDA from removing our choices in our own health and choice.
London, OntarioI just fininshed reading Hulda Clarks The Cure for all Cancers and am appalled that I cannot purchase a zapper because of the FDA.
Newark, NJZappers work I know through experience. Please allow their sale in the USA.
Richmond, TXThe right to chose needs to remain with the individual
Bozeman, MontanaFDA is against human health
gibsonton, flEnd Genoside in our country of the free by allowing the sell of the zapper.
Mobile, ALBack off Dr. Clark The Zapper works. I use it my 12 year daughter uses it.
Tonawanda, New YorkThe public has the right to alternative treatments other than drugs.
Santa Rosa, CaliforniaHave used basic zappers to treat herpes and cysts and tumors which have been diminished. Results not yet final.
Foster City, CaI have been using the Zapper for 2 years now and can really notice and feel heathier. My doctor has noticed changes for the better in testing and is amazed. I could not have had a quicker and safer recovery nonside effects.
Long Beach, CaliforniaThe Zapper kock my heavy Flu in 3 days without the help of the toxic medicine. Who is the criminal here The FDA or the Zapper Maker
Abu Dhabi, Abu DhabiAllow people to choose what is right for them
Wellington, Colorado Congress has no business messing around with free trade.
Mapleton , IowaI have survived invasive breast cancer at 80 years old these types of products keep me alive
sylvania, ohioPlease exempt Dr.Clarks zapper from restriction.
Oakland Park, FloridaIve been to so many medical doctors. Horrible digestion for almost 20 yrs causing all kinds of problems including now migraines. Always had chronic constipation. I can feel that the zapper is working. And it allows me to be more regular.
Tacoma , WAPlease understand that the FDA isnt really a government agency. They are Big Pharmas handmaidens doing as they are bid and paid to do. Disolve the FDA and create a new agency that can be safeguarded against Big Pharmas big bucks.
Richmond, IndianaCancer cure rate in Europe is 95 I personally know 2 people who have tried everything here and it didnt even reduce the cancer in the pan and gal... but they went to Europe..and in less than a month .cured Stop irradiatingapriocot seed ontheFARMS
Fayetteville, ARPlease allow us our God given freedoms to purchase what we want and continues to really help us. I have found true healing through these devices
dallas, texasl ask congress to allow compagnies to continue selling zappers.
West Bloomfield, MIPlease stop interfering with helpful products
Scottsdale, AZI am using the zapper regularly when a cold or bacterial inf starts - It always stops it
Kalama, WAI feel I should have the right to choose altermative medical treatments.
los angeles, cado not take away the zapper
Blacksburg, VAThank you. My friends and I love the zapper
Land O Lakes, FloridaI believe zppper Has aided in our health for years is stop headaches and 100 other things.
Quakertown, PAThe FDA i
Quakertown, PAThe FDA is the police for the drug companies and will squelch any alternative means for health. Healthy people dont take drugs
Phoenix , AZAs an American citizen I should be free to try alternative medical treatments. Many people die each year from reactions to prescription drugs even when those drugs are properly prescribed so if I want to try an alternative treatment I should be allo
Greenville, SC My zapper has improved my health reversed skin cancer cured seborrhea cured rashes sured sinus infection on and on I cant LIVE without it
Altadena, CAI want to choose for myself how to take care of my health. I dont want big pharma etc making the rules.
tampa, fl.I personally used a zapper and find it does make me better.
Santa Ana, CAPlease if you are a Human Being do not sell you soul to AMA which is all about Money
Arlington, TexasIt is criminal to even try and prevent people from making their own choice.
St. Paul, MNI have used Dr. Clarks device since 2003 and I know it works. I request that if the FDA will not take Dr. Clarks machine seriously and test it that they step out of the way of the rest of us who would like to spread the message.
Wilmington, DEIf the intentions of the FDA are to ensure the safety of Americans then there should be no need for them to harass and attempt to close down citizens who want to sell these zappers. Please investigate the unethical practices the FDA.
Madera, CABeen using the zapper for 2 years every 2-3 weeks and have not had even a cold or cough since. I think it is great.
Alexandria, VAProtect our freedom and leave health practicioners who promote zappers alone. We are the ones who live with the consequences of our choices. If we make informed decisions regarding our health whether right or wrong it is none of the FDAs business.
Trinity, North CarolinaIf something has proven to work the people should be allowed to use it by their choice.
Marysville, WAFocus FDA attention on internal wasteful spending and stop these ridiculous witch hunts.
saint louispark, mni think that electrotheripy devices should be madelegal
Leonard, TXThe FDA has shown it is not capable of protecting Americans. If It were truly doing its job the majority of our nation wouldnt be obese.
Philadelphia, PAI have been reading about the parasite zappers and other electro-therapy products that thus far have been proven to be safe. I strongly believe that companies have a right to manufacture items that have been proven safe for use.
morristown, NJ07960
Haifa, IsraelI am an American citizen
Fairview, NMEvery person is entitled to choose what methods of healing they would like to pursue especially if it falls outside of western medicines pharmaceutically biased monopolized government standard for keeping us sick to keep making money for the rich
Fairview, NMWhy does the government claim to give us the freedom of choice when ultimately they choose our fate and make us petittion it
Raytown, Moallow free enterprise to work
huntingburg, indianaPlease add my name to this petition. I and my family want the freedom of choice to alternative health care products and treament. The zapper is a good product and should NOT be banneddiscontinued.
huntingburg, indianaPlease add my name to this petition. I and my family want the freedom of choice to alternative health care products and treament. The zapper is a good product and should NOT be banneddiscontinued.
Cincinnati, OHPlease leave zapper manufacturers alone and do something constructive with your time.
Los Angeles, CAI think its useful and its much better than most drugs.
valparaiso, inthe zapper works. whether or not the fda chooses to help there are plenty of people like me spreading the word. were not fooled.
grove city , ohioits time for the united states goverment to know its place .its really very simple you dont tell us what we can or cannot do in regards to any thing . got it .
Raleigh, North CarolinaIve built used and bought zappers for the last 20 yrs and appreciate therir usefullness in increasing and enhancing the beneficial energies and adjusting the detrimental energies coursing through my being and living environment.
Rybnik, PolskaIt is wery good product
Toa Baja, Puerto RicoCured me of beginnings of prostate cancer. Has brought great relief from asthmatic condition. If big govt control is not stopped the US just might turn into a former soviet union with citizens powerless under secular almighty gov.
vienna, gaThis is America land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE. Stop trying to take away our rights to try to stay healthy naturally So many people get SICKER after some doctors treatments surgeries and prescriptions
Rancho Cucamonga%2C , Calif.I have a chronic condition that has plagued me for the past 20 years. Drs have offered no solid diagnosis and say its incurable. I have sought help through a variety of carefully researched sources. I have seen significant improvement in my health .
Portland, TXI love the Zapper. I use it on our whole family. It has saved us from many doctors visits. It has killed everything from Strep staff infections to molds and parasites. It is safe which I thought that was the FDAs main concern
warsaw, polandHulda clark sorvivals my live
Grand Prairie, Txcured my asthma fever blisters and skin infection.
atlanta, georgiastop trying to hide the truth of real healing
Oxnard, CAThis zapper works very good Please let us buy it without disturbing the manifactures..Thanks
Silver Spring, MDI used a zapper years ago for a life-threatening viral infection and not simply to keep well. What harm to let folks take care of their own health in the best way they know how I believe this is a human right not to be interfered with by government
Parthenon, ARI ask all that the governemnt please NOT remove yet another safe and non-invasive alterantive health device from the market. And please grant ALL zappers an FDA humanitarian device exemption.
bensalem, pa.holding back this technology for political financial gain is nothing short of murder our creator has a special place reserved for those responsible...
Yucca Valley, CaFDA needs to back off on this
Leeds, EnglandMy partner has felt much better since using the zapper she was sceptical about the device since using the zapper we feel it has killed parasites in her intestines. Why ban something that does not people We need open debate
Schenectady, NYI am using a zapper right no as I write this.
Houston, TexasI personally have used the Hilda Clark zapper and have found it highly beneficial in releiving my arthritis pain. I believe this device should be made readily available to individuals for what ever reason they choose to use it.
glendale, caLet us have the choice
Buckhead, GaCongress needs to let up
Kent, Wado not violate my rights or freedom of choice show me the study where this id harrmfull
Ypsilanti%2C, Mi.I could not breath through my nose for years and snored after using the zapper I was able to breath through my nose at night. My skin also got better I had some spots that would continue to come back with the zapper they go away.
Longmont, ColoradoI have used both Hulda Clarks Zapper and Dr. Robert C. Becks Blood cleaner with great success. I am reversing my ills and getting stronger everyday which allows me to remain at my job and continue contributing to the tax base collection.
Yucca Valley, CalifPlease allow this device to be marketed in the U.S. as in Canada Europe.
Potsdam, NYCostitutonal rights are to be respected without intererence
Las Vegas, NVZapping has improved my health
Troy, TexasAllow me to make my own decisions on what to use for my own body.
Fort Collins, COBest of all worlds would be to disband the FDA as they are nothing more than a rubber stamp for big pharma
Britton, MIPlease allow me to decide for myself.
Anoka, MNPreserve our American Freedoms Liberties Im new to these ideas of natural cures and preventions of diseases but it makes good sense. Lets give it a try.
Kailua Kona, HiLet me have the freedom to choose my own health treatments
Kailua Kona, HiLet me have the freedom to choose my own health treatments
Itabuna, Bahia-BrasilEu acredito que o produto nos d uma melhor sade e vou us-lo.
Metuchen, NJSTOP THE INSANITY... LET People CHOOSE the right to use Alternative Methods of Healing...
Hephzibah, GAI believe in this treatment
saint louis park, mnallow electronic paracyte killers to be sold on the open
Portland, ORI personally want to try the zapper still. The FDA has NO right to impose such capitolistic control As beings with God-given free will there should be no force to govern our consumption or use of any sold products.
Des Moines, WAI love it please protect my right as a citizen to use the product Stop protecting just the richest
Redlands, CaI believe that the proper use of this electronic device can provide some relief of pain and discomfort. Of course the user must always seek the advice of their medical professional in these matters.
Toms River, NJZapping has done wonders for me.
Alpine, CaIt works and helps people so we need it
Quartz Hill, CA.psoriasis is going away
Dzia%26%23322%3Bdowo, warminsko-mazurskie...
Warsaw, PolandI have got zapper and I use it. I dont use antobiotics and chemical medicines. Im health now.
Richmond, VAAs long as a device is not harmful the FDA should leave it the heck alone. We should all have the right to seek good health however we choose allopathically or alternatively. As long as it is our money time and body.
Norfolk, VirginiaCured my depression
st louis park, mndeclassify from majestic and make truthful zapper infop
Ventura, CAplease stop harassing people who want to use these products
Lavonia, GeorgiaThe last time I checked and voted AMERICA was still the land of FREE SPEECH and FREEDOM so do not take our rights away from we the republic or we will remember it come next election day WE MEAN IT We are watching your votes on ROLLCALL
laurens, sclets petition to congress to fund alternative health treatments. we need to fund these to research the benefits without the drug companies interfering with the test or results
Falls Church, VAZappers were introduced to me many years ago by my MD. I have found them effective and health ehhancing. Please try to refocus the FDA on monitoring that which compromises health like Big Pharma for example.
marshfield, wisconsini used a zapper to remove a 2 foot worm out of my intestines-it works dont get rid of the zappers
Pompano Beach , FLZapper helps my life long digestion problems. I dont feel it is anymore dangerous than being put on Zelnorm for example which was later recalled for heart attack and stroke. And costed over 200 a month.
huntington Beach, Ca.who do you serve the Parma Incustry or the People of this nation
Cave Springs, ArkansasI Know My Body Better than Any Doctor
Jackson, NJFreedom of choices with health should be encouraged not discouraged given the current state of healt care in this country
Irving, TexasUS Congress - Please represent us on this issue
Foster City, CaThis method has greatly improved my life It works and I am recommending it to everyone I know
Denver, COThis should be included along with low-power CES and TENS units that are now sold over-counter.
HENRY, TEXASThis is a marvelous product that can revolutionized ones health and the health industry. If you attempt to stop this product from getting to the people at large you yourself will come down with a debillitating disease like cancer lewkemia.
bismarck, n. dak.FDA needs to remove what the pharmaceutical cos. put on the market that hurts and kills people not a zapper that really works. FDA do the job your hired for
Virginia Beach, VAThe very few people that know about zappers that are smart enough to figure out they work should be able to use them
Normandy Park, WaThe American people need medical freedom
Weston, MAI hold a Masters degree in public health. It would be a crime to keep such an inexpensive treatment from the public simply because they cannot be patented. The affordable health care this country needs will not come from well-funded drug companies
Austin, TXWe have the right to buy and use electrical devices. And zappers do help. FDA has no right to control this. Let them focus on making sure that drug manufacturers put out only safe drugs.
Torrance, CAWAKE UP
Jekiintown, PAPeople should be allowed to make choices that they feel will help them
Greenfield, WisconsinI have the right and freedom to choose
milan, illinoiswhere adults now want to decide for ourselfs bud out
Paris, ARwe deserve good products
Harrisonburg, VAAbsurd you wont let it happen. Just look at the results people are getting
Pryor, OKThe Zapper has been effective in reducing the recurrence of my bladder cancer. Because the FDA does not want Zappers in use is enough by itself to prove they are effective.
San Sebastian, PRWhats wrong with you guys FDA FTC Let me be
New York, New YorkPlease give us free choice on zappers
Harrisburg, PAYes I have used zappers manufactured by Para Systems and Devices LLC personally and all my emidate family members for years and have seen the most amazing results. Have not noticed any harmful consequences or side effects from using them.
Redmond, ORI have been using a home made zapper for 15 years and decided to purchase a ready made zapper. I was astonished to learn they are banned by the FDA. I am in perfect health at retirement age maladies or need for prescriptions
OREGON CITY, OREGONWe must all stand up for the right to exercise our individual freedoms whenever possible
Summerville, SCI have healed myself of incontinence itchy scalp and I can wear contacts again after the doctors told me I couldnt because of dry eye. I have more energy than I did as a child. I sleep like a baby at night and havent for years.
Hillsborough, NCI have used zappers for many years with fantastic results. Both of my children use them as well as my sister-inlaw mother-inlaw and wife. We all are convinced of its efficacy. It is quite silly for the FDA to have its current stance on these.
Easton, MdWe need to pursue other avenues to better health.
Huntington beach, californiathis country is a republic not a dictatorship. stop your harisment of our great republic.
Coarsegold, CaliforniaThe devices should be considered safe and benefical
huntington Beach, calif.FDA is a government system and has no interest in advance tech.for curing diease and should stay out of the free interprise world. If this tech. did not work it would not be succesful. What this nation needs is that government get out of the private
HENDERSON, NVStop being nazis and taking away our health freedom you pharma bribe taking cowards.
Tampa, FloridaIt is our right and freedom
Taos, NMthe zapper has helped with chronic pain so plz allow companies to sell these zappers
West Bloomfield, MII have used a zapper. It should be my right to use one as I see fit. Big Pharma or Congress as a result of paid off sweetheart deals should not be taking this right away from me. Please allow citizens to use their own judgement in their health.
San Francisco, CAstop interfering with our health
Burbank, CAWe can make our own choices without Big Brother
Spruce Grove, Alberta%2C CanadaPeople need to be able to have freedom of choice
palo alto, caWe should be open to try new things that might work. Heathcare and business should not be confused.
Tampa, FLHealthcare costs are skyrocketing while the FDA is trying to block all alternatives. Please limit their power.
pozna%F1, polskasuper efekt
LESTER, PAThese actions by the FDA interfere with our freedoms under our constituion
Portland, OregonSafe economical and effective device to curb parasites.
Tacoma, WAPlease these devices are valuable and effective they are harmless. Adults should be allowed to purchace and use these products without interference.
Louisville, KYThese products are phenomenal. I have used them for years with powerful results. Its the socialist FDA that should be BANNED and most of the leftist Congress with them Next elections Patriots will have the determination to do just that.
Barlad, RomaniaFDA is vizibel interested org.protector from Profit and not frm health.
Bryan, TexasIm close to 70 and have for almost 18 years benefited from Dr. Clarks books and in particular the zapper. Thanks GOD for Dr. Clark
Santa Barbara, CAI am writing to request that lawmakers allow citizens the freedom of healthcare choice including the use of zappers and other alternative health products and technologies.
SF, CAI love my zapper end i hate f d a mafya we dont need deammam
Berkeley, CASirsMesdames please do not give FDA permission to harrass manufacturers of the zapper devices. The FDA should have no jurisdiction unless they prove harmful. Many people die in hospitals of intractable infections. The zapper is needed badly.
Berkeley, CASirsMesdames please do not give FDA permission to harrass manufacturers of the zapper devices. The FDA should have no jurisdiction unless they prove harmful. Many people die in hospitals of intractable infections. The zapper is needed badly.
Tewkesbury, GLOUCESTERSHIREIm aware in the EU we will be fighting from 1st April for our herbs - i didnt know this as well now - what is the REASON for wanting to close all zapper sites
TCSN%2C AZ 850705, AZThank you God Bless.
camarillo, cathe Hulda Clark Zapper has improved my familys health. Please grant humanitarian exemption
glendale, caIt is up to everyone to decide what works for their health. As long as they see a provider I feel products like this should be used. everyone has the right to decide what they would like to do with treatments.
Prairie Farm, WisconsinLet me make my own choices about my health
Tucson, AZFDA please stay out of our personal health choices. Please keep this a free country Thank you
Gilbertsville, NYThe ParaZapper works and should be studied in earnest by the FDA. The fact that it isnt is a big flashing warning sign that the FDA is in bed with the big-money interests.
Santa Fe, NMThese Zappers do help people with better health
Hamden, CTThese devices do not harm anybody and even if they do not perform as claimed an individuals right to produce sell or buy them should not be infringed or otherwise hampered.
Huntington Beach, calif.FDA is a Government created to desolve the soverignty of We the people.government is not the answer to mans problem it is the problem. It is not God soget out of my life
huntington Beach, calif.leave our rights from God alone and my health is not your concern. You people are not quite assuming His mankind life.We the people are feed up with your distruction of our freedoms.
huntington Beach, califplease take your hands off my health Im eight-one and can make my own dicisions without your help
Huntington Beach, califIt is a safe effective means to control parasites and deseases. dont you care about the health of our people. Thousand of citizens have had years of success with this product . Look after the people of this nation as your represent We the people Go
Parker, COI love natural remedies and would be devastated if the FDA makes them illegal
Telluride, COThis is a safe device
Seattle, WashingtonMy friends my relatives and I successfully used Hulda Clarks zapper a few times until now. The benefits of the treatment come with no harm to the patients. This treatment should be promoted on a large scale it is highly cost efficient.
San Diego, CAI want to be able to choose my own healthcare without governmental interference.
Soldotna, AlaskaI believe in this alternative medicine Also prolo therapy helped my lower back problem and thats alternative medicine.
rogers, arsounds like it works - free market economy - let her sell it
roselle park, njthe fda was created to protect the interests of big pharma not the us citizen. lay off you creeps
Beverly Hills , CADont worry silly government there will still be plenty of ways for you scam billions. Also regardless of what you do certain people will cure Cancer and AIDS through God made products.. zapper or no zapper.
miami, flthe truth will set us ALL free..........NO FEAR
hot springs, arkansascongress or somebody better rein in the fda scumbags
Kailua, HiPlease allow these tools for health in the hands who need them.
Ashland, ORthanks
Mesa, ArizonaAll that the Real Truth requires is a signature come on people we can do this
Brighton, MICitizens have the right to make choices on their own behalf.
Lodi, caSince I have been zapping my colitis is completely gone. meds did not work and had horrible health consequences. please do not take this valuable treatment away from us. ban cigarettes or alcohol or legal pharmaceutials. zapping works is safe
Arlington, TexasAs an American it is certainly my constitutional right to pursue alternate methods of medical treatment. I personally know of individuals whom this device has helped greatly. The FDA is all about the treatment of diseases sic. Why not prevent them
Virginia Beach, VAPlease dont take Alternative Medicine from USA
Boise, IDLet ME decide what works for me -not FDA
Desert Hot Springs, CAFreedom of personal space choices in EVERYTHING
131 Pineview Lane, Coram11727
Lara, Vic. AustraliaZapper works and I useing it
San Diego, CaliforniaI no longer suffer from has been 5 years with no medication or complications.
Colorado Springs, ColoradoZappers allow people to help themselves
Montgomery, ALI want the freedom to choose whatever method I want to heal myself.
SPRINGFIELD, MAZappers have really made me feel better especially since I have lots of pets and have high chance of parasites. Thank you for allowing us to use zappers if we feel the need - as it is legal in Canada.
Wichita Falls, TXI was suffering from bronchitis and after using a combination of colloidal silver and a zapper felt much better and sound much better... No doctor needed.
Erie, PAI prefer to make informed decisions from information I am able to read. If information is censored then I cannot make an informed decision.
Eugene, ORPlease support Health Freedom and Health Choice in the USA. Thank you.
Mt. Blanchard, OHHavent gotten side effects or sick. It is absurd to ban a product that may potentially be benefitial to many people who are suffering. Research not ban they will be homemade for 15 anyway.
Saratoga Springs, UTThat the government should interfere with the sale of these products is outrageous.
rochester, nyCongress you are my representative and I have a right to use alternative health measures not just conventional rip off medicine...big pharma and health for big business is a horrible thing in this country i have a right to choose. allow all altern
miami, flWe have rights
Amsterdam, The NetherlandsZappers made by the Hulda Clark principle are very beneficial apparatuses for your health. This caring lady left us a wonderful inheritance.
Anchorage, AlaskaPlease stop congress from taking away our natural products and our right to use such products
somewhere, somewherethis kind of tech has been around for ages people who drag there feet just kick up dust
St. Petersburg, FLYes big government...get the hell out of my health food crops water life. You allow growth hormones genetically modified crops and antibiotics in my food and you are telling me i cant purchase a non-threatning device. FUCK OFF
St. Petersburg, FLYou put high fructose corn syrup in all of our foods you allow genetically modified crops you allow antibiotics and growth hormones that people eat and youre kidding right....there is a problem with this device....only because you cant line your p
Honolulu St., HawaiiIf these machines are safe and the FDA is trying ot shut them down isnt it just too obvious Let us have our freedom to do what we want with our health Cigarettes are legal COME ON
the villages , floridalet us choose for our health
Brooklyn, OhioI have used a zapper and it greatly helped my health
Coconut Creek, FLI have used para zappers for years with no negative side effects Please protect my health freedom and the right to choose my own health protocol. And please stop the FDA from protecting the profits of greedy pharmaceutical companies
ferriday, louisianaLet these people continue with there great worksat least they are not posioning us.
Boaz, ALI had a large pre-cancerous mole on my upper arm...zapped it for 3 weeks and not only did it fall off you cant even tell where it was.....leave these companies alone and investigate the FDA who harrasses people and helps the big drug companies...
Chicago , ILI have use Dr. Clark Zapper for many years with considerable benefit to my overal health.
Chaska, MNDidnt our ancestors migrate to this country in search of MORE FREEDOM not less. Now money hungry capitalists are driving business with our jobs and freedom seeking individuals to other more liberal countries.
Aurora, ColoradoThis device really did work and continues to this day to work. The American people should not b denied there freedom of choice. To chose what they feel is best for them no insurance or drug company should be allowed to us our FDA for there own gain.
Virginia Beach, VAPlease get Big Govt out of our lives. Our founding fathers intended that Americans have freedom of health choice. We still deserve and need freedom of choice in health care and the HClark Zapper should be available to all who want to use it.
belle haven, vait works
Panama, panamaI try zapper and it works I feel better
Los Angeles, CaliforniaNote: Comments are not posted from those who can not even provide a real name.
Laytonville, CaliforniaI have found this device effective in the treatment of Lyme Disease and other infections.
Matthews, NCWe are Americans and we should be allowed to buy these products if we want to.
Las Vegas, NevadaThis is a bug killer not a cure. Please grant exemption.
Anchorage, AlaskaI have found Dr Hulda Clark Zappers to help me everybody I know that has tried them. I have not found any adverse affects from these products from any body I know. I believe the FDA should allow them to continue to be sold in USA.
long beach, california15Hz frequency from a zapper cure HIVAIDS in one year Keep zapper legal please.
Eugene, ORWestern doctors wont cant help me. I am only finding partial relief w herbs. This all makes sense. Im incredibly ill on Soc. Sec. have a son on my own would love to live to raise him make sure we stay healthy.
Rye, New YorkZappers work.
Los Angeles, CAI currently have parasites and am fighting them through Dr. Clarks herbal and zapper suggestions. She rules and I am thankful for learning her wisdom before its too late.
los Angeles , caI am one of many people who believe that natural remedies can cure diseases and think everybody deserves a choice with how they go about healing them selves
Amherstburg, Ontariothese products work
Port Lavaca, TxI want the right to be able to choose alternative medicine or alternative health care homeopathic remediesvitamins that are not or should not have to be prescribed by a physisian. I choose the right to get rid of parasites how I see fit.
Albany, NYI deserve the opportunity to try this and see for myself.
Miami Springs, FL We should have to right to choose try alternatives even if the govenment doesnt agree.
Murray, UTThe government should get out of bed with the current healthcare industry. Ive been sick for over a decade and nothing the current system has done has helped me. On the contrary it has made life miserable. Natural remedies have finally helped me
Chicago, ILI works wonderfully for flu and cold.
High Springs, FLI want to KEEP my right to treat my body as I see fit. Please do not restrict sales of the zappers.The zapper is legal and freely available in Canada EU Europe and many other countries.
San Francisco, California The FDA should protect us. Not the huge profit of the pharmaceutical companies.shame shame shame to all the members
selma, txalso reccomended in Natural Cures they dont want you to know about
east haven, ctI want Congress to rein in the FDA and stop them from prohibiting the manufacture and sale of zapper devices. I use and have used them to excellent effect when no other medical treatment gave relief. Stop interfering with our freedoms.
hawkeye, iowaIve used a zapper for over 3 years I recommend it to everyone. Also have bought them for family members.
Fairmont, WVI have lost a mother 50 and a sister-in-law 29 to cancer and have suffered from chronic health problems. I am outraged that the FDA is hindering the production commercialization and most of all the Constitutional Right of free speech and pr
Hollywood, FloridaThis device has helped my low back pain. Please permit them. Thanks.
countryclub hills, ill.dr. clarks zapper works for me i am proof i fell great
staten island, new yorkthis is supposed to be a free america - let us help ourselves this saved my life
San Jose, CAIt is our basic human right to choos our own medical treatment. Please stop harrssing ParaZapper and allow them to help many people to heal. Stop forcing people to use conventional establishment medical procedures that brings harm to the people.
Manasquan , NJWe already know there are snake-oil salesmen everywhere. It is Anti-American to regulate a device that is harmless and may actually be beneficial. Please stop this witch hunt. Unfortunately modern allopathic medicine has failed many Americans.
Newport Beach, CAIf the FDA wanted to truly protect us then ban the biggest killer cigarettes
Greenbelt, MDPlease allow if safe and effective
slc, utahzapper helps sick people
Burlington, NJhealthy people should be a priority to the FDA
melbourne , victoriaim a HUMAN i dont need to be limited on what i want use on my body.
Powder Springs, Ga.The FDA needs to be more concerned about deadly drugs that they approve than something that has a benefit.
Summerville, SCMy entire family uses the ParaZapper to avoid the flu to heal quickly from a virus and other infections. It really works. It is not dangerous at all and is totally non-invasive.
Cz Bstochowa, Hulda you are great
Monroe, VirginiaThese devices need to be allowed for additiion use for treatment of any and all diseases
Thousand Oaks, CAFreedom to choose please...we are adults
bradenton, floridago after big pharma thats killing thousands of americans every year
San Francisco, CAI am ordering one ASAP
Prairie Farm, WisconsinI have a right to buy these. I dont need government to watch over what I buy
Kalispell, MTFreedom is a right. Let freedom ring.
Wellington RR 3 PE, CanadaGive Zappers a chance many other things on the medical market do not work.
Muskegon, MIhoping to relieve our food allergies and headaches and interstitial cystitis which is incurable. The FDA only approves things that are harmful and recalled And the FDA has not provided anything that has helped me Let us do what is safe and right
Brownsville, Penna.Quit taking breaks and work for the people who elected you not the big pharms and drug companys.
Corvallis, OregonIs there any reason I should have to send an order to Germany in order to buy one of these units With devices like this we the grear uninsured can deal with our own health problems.
Roseville, caI have the RIGHT to purchase these MEDICAL instruments and YOU have no right to prevent ANY company from manufacturing them
Wellsboro, PAI truly beleive that this works and my rights would be violated if I can not buy one.
3296 Bengal Blvd, Salt Lake City84121
Hilo, HawaiiI support the legal use of the parasite zapper
Brighton, MiIt should be our right to choose what works for us We are educated people and should be the voice of this Country. Europe is much more open and honest with their people reguarding the effectiveness of Natrual medicine. Please let us decide.
Henderson, NevadaThe FDA should spend more time looking in to the pharmaceutical companies
Gellibrand, Victoria Electrotherapy products really work and dont cause toxicity to the body.
Lake St. Louis, MOI am preparing to purchase use these items. Nothing else has worked.
Kailua Kona, HawaiiAllow Healing on all levels to proceed freeeely
Putnam, CTI know someone who has been cured using this device
Seattle, WashingtonAllow people to make their own choices. Also PROVE the FDA is not run by private interests who are whod rather see us die than reduce their profits Outlaw ALL poisons such as GMOs aspartame MSG floride
Honolulu, HawaiiCongress has an obligation to explain Why GMOs are OK and zappers are not OK.
st thomas, US VIPlease........if You want to focus on something very urgent study MONSANTO GMOS. This is the place to follow and destroy
st thomas, US VIPlease........if You want to focus on something very urgent study MONSANTO GMOS. This is the place to follow and destroy
Plano, TXZappers Work
st thomas, US VIPlease........if You want to focus on something very urgent study MONSANTO GMOS. This is the place to follow and destroy
Sebastopol, caI have used a zapper product for years with wonderful effects.
Silver Spring, MDThis would interfere with the rights of citizens to make their own free choices in regard to personal health.
Highland park, IlFie on domination culture power over dynamic. Roll it back to simplicity of self empowered w Source selecting ones own assists toward self-realized Vibrance. WAKE UP TO THE POWER OF SOURCE ENERGY FOR YOURSELF. Let each be their own master.
Snowflake, AZQuit trying to stop people from healing themselves in this the land of the free
las vegas , nvsave my life
loretto, TNI use a lot of alternatives and I am well while everybody around me is sick. Why does congress and FDA want people to be sick The FDA allows over the counter drugs that kill people yet tell me I cannot use alternatives. No I pilot my own body.
Marietta, GeorgiaParasite zappers saved my life and cured my asthma. I would be dead if I had not used a parasite zapper. Why would you not want to save lives with the safest method of all I know you are bought and paid for by the medical industry.
Roseville, CAUnlike the pharmaceutical companies whose drugs dont work with too numerous and DANGEROUS side effects the parasite zapper has done EXACTLY what was said it would do AND MUCH MORE Suffice to more drugs for me
New York, NYI plan to purchase a zapper. Do not take my rights away to make the purchase of my choice. This is a free country and people have rights
hanover, palet the people make their own choices
Redding, Caleave our personal rights to our own choices for our medical care
Bellville, Western CapeAllow us Free Citizens the freedom to choose for ourselves
New Plymouth, IdahoZappers have not proven harmful and there are not any reports of harm from them insofar as Ive seen. Many gain benefits from them. Please dont waste tax dollars outlawing them or those who sell them. Freedom is important.
New Plymouth, IdahoZappers have not proven harmful and there are not any reports of harm from them insofar as Ive seen. Many gain benefits from them. Please dont waste tax dollars outlawing them or those who sell them. Freedom is important.
surprise, az.Freedom of choice.
Amherst, nyLeave us alone. We know better than you and we do not appreciate your interference. God will judge.
Emerson, ArkansasZappers are helping. Zappers are healing and preventing future illnesses.
Fairfield, CTI choose health freedom. Please support FDA approval on these. As well as other inventions that are good for the public. By passing Big Pharma is good for all. Fasten your seat belts. Its time you are all transparent and accountable.
villas, n.j.stop killing ppl let them heal themselves.stop worshipping money and lucifer
Henrico, VAThe doctors could not help me. I have a right to take care of my own health. The government should have no involvement in my ability to use zappers for my health.
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While the Zapper has been around a while and it has been claimed to work for Cancer, Allergy Zapper and Allergies, Asthma, fibromyalgia, IBS, Colitis, and Diarrhes, and shingles, among many other thins, it is best known as a Parasite Zapper, or as a Hulda Clark Zapper.

It has also been known as an Arthritis Zapper, AIDS Zapper, Flu Zapper, Cancer Zapper, Candida Zapper, Viral Zapper, and even as a Survival Zapper. There is even reference to the Hanta Virus Zapper and to the West Nile Virus Zapper.

There are plans to Build a Zapper How to make your own Zapper, and a zapper schematic diagram, zapper schematic, and another zapper schematic, but since this is not something that everyone wants to do, some want to know How to Buy a Zapper. Naturally, they will want to learn about zappers and things such as CCa, about the Super Deluxe Zapper Improved, and the Rife Zapper, and especially Ultimate Zapper vs UZI Comparison. They will also want to read the ParaZapper Testimonials that are posted. It is also helpful that the potential user read either the How to Zap PDF or the How to Zap page, and even the Zapper FAQ and information.

They will also want to learn about things such as fasting, flushing, cleansing, and Colloidal Silver to help with Chronic illness and Critical illness while they zap your way to health.

Potential zapper users might also want to learn about Zapper Paddles, Wrist Straps for zapping, and Zapper Footpads.

They will likely want to learn more about Is Hulda Clark A Quack?, and her protocols, how to find the Best Zapper, the ParaZapper UZI Review.

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Cancer information and things that you may not know.
Battery installation.
Colds and Flu Zapper may help reduce the effects of colds and flu.
Hulda Clark Zappers information.
About Cancer and what can heal you.
Basal Cell Skin Cancer, Zapper Method
Intestinal Parasites and how to treat them.
Delusional Parasitosis Zapper, does it work?
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parasite cleanse to help get rid of parasites.