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See video of live protozoans being zapped.
Use of the "Hulda Clark Zapper" was first suggested by Dr. Hulda Clark in her books The Cure for All Disease and The Cure for All Cancers. Since its first use, there have been many testimonials on the "Zapper" and its curing of illness such as multiple sclerosis, cancers, colitis, and even arthritis.

How does the "Zapper" work? The study of Radionics suggests that all organisms are susceptible to certain frequencies of electromagnetic energy. A vibration of 5 Hz will kill chickens due to resonance of their skull cavity. Many bacteria and viruses are affected by frequencies of 300 kHz to 450 kHz. Protozoa, roundworms and flatworms are affected by frequencies between 350 kHz and 500 kHz. Molds appear to be affected by lower frequencies of around 80 kHz to 220 kHz. Individual species respond to specific frequencies within these ranges.

The original "Hulda Clark Zapper" was built with an output frequency of about 30 kilohertz, but testing has shown that 2.5 kilohertz if more effective in some cases. The Chinese have also patented a lower frequency model. There are many versions of the "Hulda Clark Zapper" available, it is important that the model you choose has at least both 30 kHz and 2.5 kHz frequencies are available. Additional frequencies are even better. Why both frequencies? Each frequency that a zapper produces has different frequency spectra.

All "Zappers" produce a square wave output. This square wave is composed of all odd harmonics of the main frequency. These harmonics effectively stretch up into the megahertz range, which is where parasites are affected. The 30 kHz frequency produces a range of frequencies that are 60 kHz apart. The 2.5 kHz range produces harmonics that are 5.0 kHz apart. Because each harmonic is weaker than the previous, The lower base frequency produces much smaller amplitudes than the 30 kHz units at any given frequency.

How does the "Zapper" work? According to information available from the study of "Radionics", bacteria such as anthrax, chlamidia, shigella, and e. choli have spectral responses between 392 and 398 kHz. This would be near the 13th harmonic of 30 kHz, and near the 157th and 159th harmonic of 2.5 kHz. The 13th harmonic has an amplitude of 1/13th of the main frequency and the 157th harmonic has an amplitude of 1/157th of the main frequency. The tradeoff of amplitude vs. closeness to the needed frequency has to be weighed in considering desired results.

Some believed that the higher the frequency, the greater the skin effect. That is higher frequencies tend to travel along the surfaces of the body and lower frequencies tend to penetrate better. For this reason, many believe that the lower frequencies are more effective against intestinal parasites, urinary infections, and other infections that tend to occur in the various body cavities.

It might just be that the 30kHz frequency does not produce harmonics close enough to the parasite's frequency since its harmonics are 30 kHz apart while the lower frequency has harmonics that are only 2.5 kHz apart. Regardless of the reason, many users feel that the 2.5 kHz frequency is more effective. The main point of this is that the closer the frequency produced to the frequency needed to kill a pathogen, the better the results are likely to be.

How is the "Zapper" used? The "Zapper" is easy to use. It is provided with two hand held "paddles" one of which is held in each hand while the "zapper" is running. The Power switch is turned on and zapping continues for 5 to 7 minutes. The unit is then turned off for 20 to 30 minutes. The process is then repeated for another 5 to 7 minutes. The cycle is the repeated a third time. It is recommended that the process be repeated once daily to prevent reinfection.

Are there any side effects? Yes, extensive zapping can kill beneficial bacteria in the intestine causing intestinal irregularity. Intestinal regularity can be restored by eating yogurt and drinking buttermilk.

Is one brand of zapper better than another? Some zappers use less power from the battery thereby making the battery last longer. However, results are generally linked to the strength of the output so long battery life may be linked to lower effectiveness. Some cycle on and off automatically, which is convenient. Otherwise, most zappers perform the same function, that is outputting a 9 volt square wave at some frequency. A lower frequency of 2.5 kilohertz is probably better as discussed above, but having multiple frequencies is definitely an advantage.

How much does it cost? You can buy the parts from Radio Shack and build your own for about $40.00 see Schematic. Completely assembled zappers are available from $64.00 sale priced to $284.00.

The Clark Zapper is not new and the basic principle has been in use since the 1800's in the form of Medical Electric Batteries.

Dr. Hulda Clark has been harassed and victimized by the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, the FTC, and some other members of medical community, but to the people who have helped their lives by following her protocols, she is a hero.

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