Colloidal Silver works

Colloidal Silver works both as a powerful antibiotic and an immune system booster to help cure many illnesses.

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You have probably heard the phrase, "Born with a silver spoon in his mouth", but may have not realized the significance of the saying.

For many centuries, it was believed that a person who had the advantage of using silver tableware had an advantage in life span. It was often assumed that it was the wealth that was associated with being able to afford using real silverware. To an extent, this may be true, but it is now known that there is actually an advantage to silver itself and that infants who use silver utensils have fewer and milder infections during childhood and as adults.

It is now realized by many people that you can get the same health benefit from the use of colloidal silver, both topically and internally, to fight infections, colds, flu, and many other illnesses. The pharmaceutical industry tries their best to pass negative information to dissuade people from using this product. One of their tactics is to parade the man known as "the Blue Man" on television shows, such as 'Ophra', to show what might happen if you use this. In reality, the Blue Man is an extreme case where this person has intentionally taken an excessive amount of colliodal silver. They neglect to inform people that he feels that the blue color is worthwhile and that he is very healthy as a result. As a point of note, the blue skin color condition is known as Argyria. A revealing video can be seen here in the Blue Man Fraud.

We do not have any financial involvement in the use of colloidal silver, other than owning and using a silver generator for our own personal use.

Read about the battle against FDA efforts to deny your access to colloidal silver at Utopia Silver's Fight for Health Freedom

The most commonly recognized zappers are Hulda Clark Zappers which do have a strong following among those who have tried them. However, a major limitation is that most Hulda Clark Zappers have only one or two general non-specific frequencies. This can produce a limitation in their effectiveness.

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The best testimonial that we can provide is the following. Many of our customers after getting great results from our ParaZappers call back and order additional ParaZappers for the rest of their family and for their friends! Nearly 50% of our customers buy from us because they have seen the results that a friend or relative has had from using ParaZapper.

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FAQ and documentation.

While we do have some limited anecdotal information that extensive use of our products over time may be associated with reduced viral load and increased CD-4 count, we do not suggest that such use will cure AIDS or HIV. The main benefit reported by most users is a reduction of secondary illness associated with HIV. This reduction is especially noticable with colds and flu.

Any testimonials or survey results presented on this page are not presented as scientific proof of any cure but only as representation of relief that may possibly be obtained from the use of ParaZapper products. FDA accepted tests have not been preformed because we have not found any qualified medical doctor who has indicated that they were willing to perform the required tests.

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