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Assembled units are warranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 year from date of purchase. Not covered by this warranty, are damages resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, accidents, or acts of god and nature.

At our option, we will either repair or replace a defective unit or part which is covered by warranty. It is the customers obligation to provide shipment to our service center for repairs. We will provide return shipment by standard ground delivery. The customer may request 2-day or next day delivery at his/her own expense.


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It is our desire for you to have a functional and useful product. If after receiving your ParaZapper? you are not fully satisfied with the product, you may return it in new undamaged condition for a full refund of the unit cost within 30 days after receipt. Shipping, handling, and insurance cost are not refunded.


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Sometimes called a bug zapper, not for insects but for microbes such as bacteria, protozoa, and virus. The operation is based on emitting frequencies much the same as rat zappers and insect zappers or bug zappers may do. While some of our zappers do use software, these are not considered to be a zapper game.
It has also been known as an Arthritis Zapper, AIDS Zapper, Flu Zapper, Cancer Zapper, Candida Zapper, Viral Zapper, and even as a Survival Zapper. There is even reference to the Hanta Virus Zapper and to the West Nile Virus Zapper.

There are plans to Build a Zapper How to make your own Zapper, and a zapper schematic diagram, zapper schematic, and another zapper schematic, but since this is not something that everyone wants to do, some want to know How to Buy a Zapper. Naturally, they will want to learn about zappers and things such as CCa, about the Super Deluxe Zapper Improved, and the Rife Zapper, and especially Ultimate Zapper vs UZI Comparison. They will also want to read the ParaZapper Testimonials that are posted. It is also helpful that the potential user read either the How to Zap PDF or the How to Zap page, and even the Zapper FAQ and information.

They will also want to learn about things such as fasting, flushing, cleansing, and Colloidal Silver to help with Chronic illness and Critical illness while they zap your way to health.

Potential zapper users might also want to learn about Zapper Paddles, Wrist Straps for zapping, and Zapper Footpads.

They will likely want to learn more about Is Hulda Clark A Quack?, and her protocols, how to find the Best Zapper, the ParaZapper UZI Review.

The medical electric battery an antique electro-therapy device
ParaZapper Parasite zappers are the best.
Hulda Clark Parasite Zappers

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