Hulda Clark Zapper

with advanced Current Control

Since its introduction, the Hulda Clark parasite zapper has provided relief for many individuals who suffered various illness.

Combined with technological advances introduced by David Etheredge, an electronic and biomedical engineer,
ParaZapper?CCa has become an even more powerful tool for killing microbes.

The human body has its own particular electrical characteristics and when it is connected in circuit with a device such as the Clark Zapper or a Rife machine, it affects the circuit attached to it. First the human body has several resistances involved that can reduce the effectiveness of any zapper. The main resistances of concern are the resistance of the skin surface, the resistance from the surface of the skin to the subcutaneous layers below, and the resistance of the internal body cavaties.

The resistance of the skin surface is influenced by several factors including the dampness of the skin surface and the amount of salts on the surface of the skin. If the amount of moisture is low and the salts are low, the resistance will be relatively high. If the skin is moist and salty all over the body, then the resistance across the surface will be low. This can short circuit a significant part of the signal over the surface of the skin. Naturally, this should be avoided. The same problem is present when the electrodes are close together as in the ones that have 2 pennies attached to the zapper box. Basically, the electrodes should contact the surface as far apart as possible to avoid signal loss.

The second resistance to consider is the resistance from the surface of the skin to the subcutaneous tissues ( transcutaneous resistance ). Again, this resistance is influenced by both the moisture and the amount of salts present. This resistance needs to be as low as possible which is why the salt water soaked paper towels are used between the electrodes and the skin. Only the contact areas should be wet. Also, the resistance decreases with increasing contact area so that larger electrodes are better.

The third resistance is the bodies internal resistance and there is not much that we can do to change it. Basically, the internal resistance is fairly low anyhow. However, this is a limiting factor in the effectiveness of the zapper whenever there is a need to reach the internals.

So 4 basic rules of zapping are determined from these resistance factors:

Once these three requirements are accomplished, we are on the way to effective zapping. However, not everyone has the same transcutaneous resistance and in many cases this can seriously affect the signal reaching the bodies interior.

Some models of zapper will sense the overall resistance and will beep or flash if it is too high. ParaZapper CCa however, takes a bigger step. The CCa has an internal device that senses the current flowing out to the body and if it is not sufficient, the circuit adapts to increase the current until the correct level is reached ( if possible ).

So this is the first advantage of the CCa. The ability to compensate when the current is too low. Also, because it can deliver a stronger signal, it has a control for you to adjust if it gets too strong.

Another electrical characteristic of the body is that it has the capacity to store electricity. This what allows you to build up static electricity and is called capacitance.

One of the problems of body capacitance is that it dampens many of the frequencies that the zapper outputs. The causes a reduction in the effectiveness of most zappers.

ParaZapper CCa has built in compensation to correct for this problem too, allowing more of the desired signal to reach the interior of the body.

While there are other electrical characteristics involved, it is the improvements of these two characteristics that provides ParaZapper CCa with the extra boost to provide the best results available.

ParaZapper MX also has CCa controls built in for maximum benefits.

If you are looking for the absolute best results from your zapper, then the ParaZapper CCa or ParaZapper MX should be your choice. Best results are obtained when using these zappers with copper paddles and copper footpads in the augmentation mode. This places four electrodes as far apart as possible with maximum contact area and a multipoint positive signal that penetrates the entire body.

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To see other information about the hulda clark zapper, parasite elimination, parasite treatment, parasite zapper , Dr. Hulda Clark , anti-viral properties, and cancer read some of these books about Parasites and Hulda Clark from as well as our zapper documentation page. The Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper is also known as virus zapper, Clark Zapper, Hulda 's Zapper, and electric parasite zapper.

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