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is worth investigating due to the many who have felt positive results from it. A very high percentage of zapper users report very good success with stoping influenza symptoms and eliminating cold symptoms. While this is only anecdotal, it certainly does point out a need for testing and investigating the flu zapper as an anti-viral device. ParaZapper zapping microbes.Add this page to Link Centre
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You know how it is, you feel that first tickle in the throat, itch in the nasal passage, that first sniffle, the itch in the corner of the eye, a sudden chill? You know right then and there that you are coming down with something and that you are going to be miserable for the next week to ten days. Don't you wish that you had something right then and there to stop it and make the symptoms go away?

If you want to

avoid Flu Shots or Flu vaccination

, then the

Flu Zapper

may be worth investigating. Tell the FDA that you want a flu zapper for yourself.

Theoretically, to understand how the Zapper can work to stop or reduce the flu, we need to investigate the life cycle of the flu virus.

Since the zapper was introduced over 20 years ago, it has been tried extensively by a large number of individuals for many different problems ranging from joint pain to serious conditions such as HIV/AIDS and cancer to more basic problems such as colds and flu.

When the zapper is used for viral illnesses such as the flu, the effectiveness depends a lot on the life cycle of the viral infection which in the case of the flu, generally appears to manifest itself in the form of a limited number of waves or replication cycles. The extent of a viral infection such as a cold or the flu depends somewhat on the initial infecting dose. If a small dose of infecting virus is passed, it may take several replication cycles before it is noticed while a large dose of infecting virus will produce a much stronger reaction.

The sequence of events is similar to the following.

  1. Infection
  2. Incubation
  3. Initial Symptoms that appear at the end of the first incubation. These symptoms are often mild such as an itch in the eyes, slight chill, sneeze, etc
  4. re-infection, where the released viri infect new cells
  5. incubation
  6. second stage symptoms which are usually much mode severe than the prior stage, possibly including chills, fever, muscle aches, headaches, eye burning and vision problems
  7. re-infection, where the released viri infect new cells
  8. incubation
  9. third stage symptoms which are usually much mode severe than the prior stage, possibly including greater chills, higher fever, muscle aches, headaches, nausea, eye burning and vision problems, digestive system difficulties
  10. each of these cycles produces a increasing levels of toxic wastes that overload the body causing tiredness and exhaustion. There can be more repeated cycles until the virus reaches its limit of replication.

This brings us to the reason that zapping is considered to be most effective if done at the first symptoms. When the symptoms first appear is concurrent with a lot of infected cells releasing their newly produced viri at the same time, loading the body fluids with a large number of viri. If you zap immediately, a lot of these viri are destroyed or prevented from infecting the target cells. Simply put, when the next wave occurs, there are fewer viral particles released than there would otherwise be. The same is true for each successive generation of virus. Zapping the second wave where more extensive symptoms are present will produce some results but just will not be quite as effective. Ideally, one would watch for the symptomatic changes that occur with each additional wave or cycle and zap immediately. Zapping this way will almost always result in a much lighter infection of the cold or flu. I also believe that zapping this way provides better immunity than the seasonal flu shot because your body is eliminating full live flu virus and cold virus, while leaving out things such as toxic adjuvants.

The reality of effective zapping is timing. zapping after most of the virus is inside of cells and is replicating will produce dismal results. Zapping immediately after the virus has been released and while most of the virus is free in the body fluids will produce the best results.

People around the world are infested with parasites including many from countries previously thought to be reasonably free of intestinal parasites including the United States. Recent medical studies indicate that American men live shorter lives of up to 4 years because of parasites. Other medical studies find that the average male carries up to 2 lbs of parasites inside of his body.

ParaZapper Customer comments

Recently, one of our ParaZapper ™ models was tested, unofficially, at a major US university. Their results were reported as follows:

The project leader wrote the following:

"25+ men with HIV use the zapper when feeling the signs of a cold or flu with almost immediate (within 24 hours) response. Symptoms seem to stop and cold/flu never advances."

Among customers responding to our surveys from 2003 to 2005, of those who used ParaZapper to fight a cold,
92 % reported some success,
87% reported good results,
and 44% reported very good results to stop colds.

Among customers responding to our surveys from 2003 to 2005, of those who used ParaZapper to fight the flu,
88 % reported some success,
84% reported good results,
and 52% reported very good results to stop flu.

While ParaZapper is not approved for use on humans and there are no scientific studies to date, based on these survey results, ParaZapper may be the most effective way to fight colds or to fight flu to date, even after you are infected and develope some symptoms. We urge you to ask your medical professional to have this studied.

According to users,the earlier that you detect symptoms and respond by zapping, the more effective the results are.
Once the cold or flu has fully developed, ParaZapper is less effective.

If you suffer from frequent colds, flu, and flu like symptoms
then you may have parasites which increase your succeptability. Also, since the flu shot or flu vaccine is not only in short supply but is considered by many authorities to be unsafe, then you need to consider alternative flu treatment. It has also been noted that the current flu vaccine does not provide immunity for some of this years influenza strains.

If you have any of these symptoms, or any other reason to believe that you may have a parasite infection, or for your own general health and well-being, Then you might want to consider trying ParaZapper.

ParaZapper users often report that using the ParaZapper as soon as cold or flu symptoms appear often stops or reduces the extent of the cold or flu. They also claim that with use of ParaZapper they feel better and have more energy.

NOTE: While it is your right to buy and use these products as you wish, Due to FDA actions, ParaZapper products are not sold for use on humans or animals at this time.

Please visit our new site at https://huldaclarkparazapper.com

They are however available for killing microbes in water

How does ParaZapper work?

The following have been suggested and are under investigation.

ParaZapper is not a one time treatment. It can provide you with valuable health protection for the rest of your life.

ParaZapper is one of many alternative health products for alternative medicine applications. It is designed to electronically kill parasites.

While ParaZapper can stop a cold or stop the flu when used before it gets into full effect, the effectiveness of ParaZapper is reduced as the cold or flu progresses. Use it before symptoms appear to eliminate parasites and use it again as soon as the first symptoms of a cold or the flu appear.

I read the book "The Cure for all Diseases" and it changed my life. I work in the computer industry and have to touch everyone's computer everyday. I had a very bad case of the flu/cold in 11-01. It lasted at least 2 months. I was usually prone to getting at least 2 bad colds per year. (1 fall and 1 spring) I bought my first para-zapper in March 2002 and started using it. I also adjusted my life style a lot. I don't drink after people and try not to be around people who are sick. The last part is very hard since my 2 nephews (age 6 & 4) always have a cold. So far, I am glad to say that I have not had a cold since November 2001. I know I don't need to knock on wood because I now own 2 ParaZappers. My wife had also gone 1-1/2 years without a cold. She recently caught a cold from my nephews (of course) but was able to get over it with in 2-3 weeks. While this sounds like a long time it is really a short time for her. Before the ParaZapper she would have colds that lasted a minimum of 2 months. (some went on for 3-4 months). If you are not using a ParaZapper you must be the type of person who enjoys being sick.

The information, suggestions and ideas presented in this document are for information only and should not be interpreted as medical advice, meant for diagnosing illness, or for prescriptive purposes. Readers are encouraged to consult their health care provider before beginning any treatment program. The information in this document is not to be used to replace the services or instructions of a physician or qualified health care practitioner.

Any testimonials or survey results presented on this page are not presented as scientific proof of any cure but only as representation of relief that may possibly be obtained from the use of ParaZapper products. FDA accepted tests have not been preformed because we have not found any qualified medical doctor who has indicated that they were willing to perform the required tests.

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The Zapperwas introduced in 1993, has been around a while and it has been claimed to work for Cancer, Allergy Zapper and Allergies, Asthma, fibromyalgia, IBS, Colitis, and Diarrhes, and shingles, among many other thins, it is best known as a Parasite Zapper, or as a Hulda Clark Zapper.

It has also been known as an Arthritis Zapper, AIDS Zapper, Flu Zapper, Cancer Zapper, Candida Zapper, Viral Zapper, and even as a Survival Zapper. There is even reference to the Hanta Virus Zapper and to the West Nile Virus Zapper.

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