Super Deluxe Zapper

combines the

Hulda Clark Zapper

with advanced power and improved frequencies to create the

Ultimate Clark Zapper

Since its introduction, the Hulda Clark parasite zapper has provided relief for many individuals who suffered various illness.

Combined with technological advances introduced by David Etheredge, an electronic and biomedical engineer,
ParaZapper™MX has become an even more powerful tool for improving health.

Kill the parasites that make you ill with
super deluxe zapper

Super Deluxe Zapper

  • Can be left on for continuous zapping.
  • Batteries last longer in the ParaZapper™MX than other advanced units such as the A5.
  • Best instruction manual available according to users.
  • Includes sample startup supplies. Sea Salt, etc.
  • Best Price, Quality, Reliability, Performance .
  • Best Stronger output with CCa technology and Positive voltage offset.
Utilizes advanced technology to provide better more reliable zapping. Further, our research and testing has identified several functional problems with current zappers and zapping.
  • The 30 killohertz frequency suggested by Dr. Clark is not the best frequency for zapping.
  • Neither 2500 Hz nor 2000 Hz used by others is the best frequency.
  • ParaZapper™MX provides several specific frequencies near 30000 Hz and 2500 Hz to provide better results.
  • The greater the contact area of the electrode, the better the results. This means that wrist bands are not as good.
  • Contact points at both hands and both feet provides better results.
  • The use of paper towels wetted with salt water provides better results.
  • The application of several selected frequencies over a period of time can produce better results.
  • A timer with beeps at several delay times allowing user control is better that one that turns the unit off automatically.
  • Copper produces less skin irritation problems than stainless steel which contains Chromium and Nickel ( both are irritants ).
  • Does not need dozens of extra modules which can get expensive.
Note: ParaZapper MX is not available any more.

The ParaZapper ™ MX mode is now available at
ParaZapperCC2, ParaZapperUZI-3, and ParaZapperMY models.

has newer improved models like the ParaZapper
ParaZapperCC2, ParaZapperUZI-3, and ParaZapperMY models.
with more frequencies and greater accuracy.




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To see other information about the hulda clark zapper, parasite elimination, parasite treatment, parasite zapper , Dr. Hulda Clark , anti-viral properties, and cancer read some of these books about Parasites and Hulda Clark from as well as our zapper documentation page. The Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper is also known as virus zapper, Clark Zapper, Hulda 's Zapper, and electric parasite zapper.

How can I buy the ParaZapper ™ MX ?
ParaZapper ™ MX ? is not available for online order.

Call 1-866-765-5116 US and Canada

How can I buy the other ParaZapper ™ models Hulda Clark Zapper

Note: ParaZapper MX is not available any more.

has newer improved models such as the UZI-3
with better accuracy and more frequencies.

Click here to get prices. Thinking about the Ultimate Zapper review? Not so ultimate vs ParaZapper.

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The best testimonial that we can provide is the following. Many of our customers after getting great results from our ParaZappers call back and order additional ParaZappers for the rest of their family and for their friends! Nearly 50% of our customers buy from us because they have seen the results that a friend or relative has had from using ParaZapper.

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