Africa Travel Parasites

Africa Travel Parasites

whether on a

Africa vacation

Africa safari

or business trip
it carries with it hidden health peril.
which can cause you serious illness during and after your trip from parasites such as
Malaria, Filariasis, dysentary, amoebiasis, and many other parasite caused problems.
Protect your healthwith ParaZapper

Unsuspecting travelers who visit Africa often find themselves facing unexpected illness which can range from simple diarrhea to major illnesses such as malaria, filariasis, schistosomiasis, and many others. These conditions may last for months or even years and modern doctors either do not seem to care or seemingly can not do anything about it. Tropical climates are known for their wide variety of parasites some of which can plague their host for the rest of their lives, destroying their good health.

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The Dr. Hulda Clark parasite zapper has provided relief from amoebiasis, dysentery, irritible bowel syndrome, colitis, colds, influenza, diarrhea, or other infections caused by parasites such as giardia, cryptosporidium, chlamydia, candida, tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, flukes, and many other parasites which are common in Africa. Do not allow these to ruin your vacation, safari, or other Africa travel.

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Kill the parasites that make you ill with
improved Hulda Clark parasite zapper
ParaZapper Dr. hulda clark parasite zapper parasite zapper hulda's zapper dr hulda clark zapper In her book, The Cure For All Diseases, Dr. Clark describes how certain parasites affect our health and how we can improve our health by killing them using a parasite zapper . Since this book was first published, many individuals have discovered that zappers really do work. There are thousands of zappers sold arround the world , most of them work, killing bacteria, protozoa, and other parasites often found in africa. We offer several different models and options to suit your parasite zapper requirements. Our zappers are offered to provide better quality at best price.

  • Better Zapper Made in the USA of high quality parts.
  • Better Dual Frequency zapper (30 kHz)and (2.5 kHz)
  • Better Top quality wires and plugs, more compact
  • Long battery life: Power LED
  • Best instruction manual available according to users.
  • Includes sample startup supplies. Sea Salt, etc.
  • Best zapper Price, Quality, Reliability, Performance .
Para Zapper ™ PLUS Dr. Hulda Clark zapper parasite zapper hulda's zapper

We have several models of zappers sold to individuals and dealers as well as Doctors and health professionals around the world. The ParaZapper parasite zapper is popular, because it is easy to use, rugged, reliable, and inexpensive. Easy to vacation and travel with.

  • Zapper based on Dr. Hulda Clark's latest parasite zapper circuit with improvements to make it more effective, including guaranteed positive voltage.
  • Electronics are encased in durable, rugged ABS plastic. Smaller and light weight 0.5 lbs.
  • Higher zapper output with ParaZapper PLUS you get a full 9 volt output instead of 7.5 that regular Hulda Clark Zappers produce.
  • Adjustable Current control with ParaZapper CCa you get a full 9.6 volt output, and adjustable current from 4 ma to 9 ma.
  • Easy to use push button switches for power and frequency selection. Professionally designed zapper.
  • Copper handles are soldered to instrument grade cables with lead free silver solder and work much better than wrist straps.
  • Optional Hands Free Wrist Straps have metal wrist contacts with low resistance cables.
  • Optional Copper Foot Pad Electrodes provide a stronger zapper signal to the legs as well as to your torso.
  • Maximum effectiveness compared to other zappers with static wrist straps.
  • Bright TriColor LED lets you know that the unit is working to eliminate your parasites. With ParaZapper PLUS and ParaZapper CCa Yellow / Orange means that it is working correctly.
  • Long Battery Life. Easy open 9 volt battery holder. Red Low Battery Indicator on ParaZapper PLUS.
  • Best zapper instruction manual available according to users.
  • Includes sample startup supplies. Sea Salt, quality paper towels, etc.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed limited return policy, 5 year Warranty on our parasite zapper.

The lure of excitement that comes with an Africa safari, vacation, or travel is powerful and anyone who can travel in Africa should certainly consider sucha a vacation. You should be prepared to have your Africa vacation interrupted by illness from parasites. When on safari there is rarely a convenient doctor or medication to ease the problems. ParaZapper often helps to reduce the problems and allows your safari, vacation, or other travel to resume quickly. Some safari teams or vacation tours may carry a ParaZapper but to be sure, you may choose to carry your own whenever you travel to Africa or other places.

To see other information about the hulda clark zapper , parasites , parasite zapper , Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark , anti-viral properties, and cancer read some of these books about Parasites and Hulda Clark from as well as our zapper documentation page. The Hulda Clark Zapper is also known as virus zapper, Clark Zapper, Hulda's Zapper, and electric parasite zapper.

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