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  • Tony Isaacs - author of Cancer's Natural Enemy

    A CureZone member known as ParaZapper has a very good machine whom many, including myself, recommend for those who decide to use such machines.

    From: ParaZapper has a very good machine and multiple other pages.
    From: ParaZapper comment

    Visit TBYIL The best years in life.

    Thank you Tony for all of your good work!

  • Recommended by Kevin Trudeau

    Dr. Hulda Clark’s ParaZapper:

    ParaZapper recommended by K. Trudeau

  • After the birth of my fourth child, I didn’t get back my full bladder control. After working with Kegel exercises, I didn’t have any relief. I went to an OB/Gyn to see if there were anything to be done. Surgery was recommended. I was not open to this line of defense, so I continued to live with leakage. I was introduced to the Parazapper and the book The Cure for all Diseases. I started zapping daily after having a malignant melanoma removed, and I started reading the book to educate myself. After reading the section on incontinence, I started to pay attention to my bladder functions. I found that zapping regularly after about three weeks gave me full bladder control. If I didn’t zap regularly, I would start to lose some bladder function. Almost 6 months later, I am still zapping and can now sneeze, cough, and run without any fear of leaking. This is only one of the many positive effects I have had since I began zapping and cleaning up my environment.

    posted by: Eileen

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  • I do have a parazapper uzi. It has six modes ...
    I am happy with the results I get from this device.

    Posted by: A.M. Rife Forum Member

  • Ozonated water and a parazapper were used as well. The last two weeks of treatment we added one bottle of maitake mushroom and one bottle of inositol w/IP6 was added. 45 days after diagnosis Justin went in for a pet scan and the tumor was gone.

    ParaZapper Customer comment

  • I am not stuck with 15 Hz alone. My "Parazapper Uzi" has 6 different frequencies on which I can run the coil. As I sit there spooling through the different frequencies I can feel a jump, but as for what the long term effects are that is going to require lots of experience with different frequencies.

    The mellowness of this set up in the photo above is probably due to the lithium quartz. It is also possible that frequency doesn't matter much since the quartz ultimately resolves what is pumped into it and then assumes its resonant frequency no matter the waveform that is put into it. The "jump" I feel may simply be that and nothing more - a brief shift in energy that then settles back to the resonant frequency of the particular quartz crystal but with amplification.

    For instance the little wrapped crystal below is ajoite (the little bit of blue is faintly visible at the top of the crystal.) What does this feel like under power? Well, it feels like amplified ajoite. The ajoite vibe will extend out into the room. It doesn't have to be held close to feel it. I am not sure it matters a whole lot what the input frequency is so long as it is transient or pulsed. The crystal is being stimulated by the transients. It is however probable that there are subtle differences according to the input waveform. I just don't know what they are yet.

    by emlong

    ParaZapper UZI customer comment - with orgonite

  • We just got our parasite zapper and so far I am impressed. It is really easy to do. I held the copper handles while I was reading posts on the forum. It only takes 7 minutes at each interval. (3 total seperated by 20 minutes break each time.) My daughter is holding them now while she watches Princess Videos online. At first it feels a little but tingly, but nothing major. I am going to try and get my son to do it while he watches a video. I may have to bribe him by feeding him a popsicle while he holds him, but I'll see. My daughter said, "the zapper will make my tummy feel better." I am sure I can even zap them at night while they sleep. I think I can even get my husband to try it, in exchange for 7 minutes of ESPN.

    I feel a bit charged even giddy, almost like I just had some espresso. I will report any effects after we do the full zapping protocol, but so far so good.

    I only zapped my daughter twice last night, because by the third time she was busy playing and wasn't interested. I didn't think it was a big deal so I didnt press the issue. This morning she seemed ok and then right after breakfast she projectile vomited. She continued vomiting every 30 minutes and I thought it was so strange. My kids rarely get sick since being on homeopathy and if they do it is a little cold. None of the rest of us have even an inkling of illness right now. Then I remembered Hulda Clark state their is a purpose for zapping three times. The first time the parasites die. However, when they die they release toxins, viruses and bacteria. You zap the second time to kill those. The third time is to make sure you killed everything. I am thinking her vomiting has to be related. I zapped her again today and she stopped vomiting and said she felt better. She still seemed like her tummy felt sick. I zapped her again and she felt a bit better but still seems a bit weak. I am going to zap her a third time and see how she is doing. Ok, I just zapped her and she is already feeling better. She was too weak to hold the handles so I put them on her feet (she liked that!) and she is giggling and in good spirits again. She was constipated this morning so I will be curious to see if anything comes out in her stool.

    I played around with it last night and ended up zapping about 6 times at different frequencies. I feel great today!!! I have energy, and my mood is great. (I struggle with depression)

    We ordered our zapper (The parazapper CC) from it does not come with instructions but you can order the instructions seperately. (A bunch of hoops to jump through because the FDA doesn't want it to be used for medical purposes.)

    Very interesting!! My main reason for the zapper was not parasites although I know it is an issue. I was more interested in how the zapper cures viruses. I was fascinated at how simple it was for her to treat HIV. I figured if it can kill HIV than it for sure can zap my daughters HHV6 and my sons measles. I always wondered how Magic Johnson all of the sudden was no longer HIV positive. I wondered if he used a zapper? I am queen of autoimmune diseases so I don't care what it kills in me just as long as I can function normally without the fatigue, depression, aches, etc. I have felt all great which NEVER happens!

    Do you know if the zapper works for yeast? If you have pink tongues that would make sense. I wonder if it worked on my daughters yeast because she had a white tongue last week and we have been trying to get the yeast in check. Her vomiting is almost like a terrible yeast die-off. Charcoal has been helping her too. Imagine if it does kill the yeast and all this time us parents have been fighting yeast like crazy and this simple zapper that the FDA wants to squash actually works! It would be a dream come true!

    Anyway, after I zapped her the vomiting stopped. She is running a fever and is a little weak, but otherwise doing fine. It seems more like die-off reactions than illness and her and her brother are inseperable so if she was sick, he would be too, yet we are all fine.

    I am so confused over everything going on in his tiny little body. How can someone who has only been alive for 4 years have so much happening in his body! UGH! We have got his autism under control for the most part (still have to do special diets, keep yeast under control, and treat with homeopathy, antivirals and now parasites) but then every now and then viruses, metals and now parasites seem to creep out and cause setbacks! I just want to clear his body out once and for good! The zapper is definately doing great things for our family.

    By Nikosmom

    ParaZapper customer impressed

  • I will continue zapping (hope to get back on schedule with it), as it seemed to help fairly dramatically, but apparently will not prevent reinfection. I bought the one with the hand paddles and foot plates and two frequencies (ParaZapper CCa; $155, including shipping).

    By spunky


    Morgellons » Morgellons - General Discussion » Serious Business
    ParaZapper Morgellons customer comment

  • I use a Zapper or a Parazapper ... along with some herbal formulas, to help kill off and control parasites. (AIDS, HIV, cancers, diabetes, etc. are all diseases caused by parasites that should not be in the body, interacting with specific toxins that we have allowed ourselves to be exposed to as well.) The sad thing is that our parents and grandparents knew the importance of controlling parasites by using herbs and doing internal cleansing, on a regular basis, to stay healthy, but we have totally forgotten this lesson, or maybe we never learned it.

    By Kinnley


  • Interesting article on E-How: How to Kill Mites on the Hair Follicle With Parasite Zapper

    ParaZapper on E-How for mites

  • Another Interesting article on E-How: How to Heal With Radio Frequencies

    ParaZapper on E-How

  • I have seen all the pictures of all the Morgellons afflictions ALL OF THEM. I have the leg head and arm lesions, they are almost completly gone, the use of a parazapper helped to EXPOSE the systems so I could KILL them. I do not let them heal, I make sure everything that was under the bleeding lesion is GONE. This of course is done to the complaints of everyone, but I will not do this again and again, I do it one or more at a time. I have better skin now then most people 10 years younger. If you could see the pictures of what I have EXPOSED and removed you would be amazed, you would also see the same problems on your body, NOT KNOWING WHAT ACTUALLY LAYS UNDER THE SKIN, you will heal them over as they grow and destroy your body. I do not have a lab, I only have my body to experament with, but I will not stop untill the fat lady sings! Then its over.

    By morph

    ParaZapper customer Morgellons comment

  • Hello as I promise to my friend andy about arthritis zapper, The best time to learn about arthritis zapper is before you're in the thick of things. ... Using ParaZapper parasite zapper ...

    Posted by Bob J, under topic Arthritis Zapper.


  • I made my first Succor Punch today using a 6 inch x 1.5 inch Vogel crystal- a very pale and perfectly clear citrine.

    The 15 Hz pulsations can be faintly felt on the body of the crystal itself. My cats are gravitating to the device and are were immediately curious about it when the circuit was energized. The wraps were none too good but seem adequate energetically.

    I have also been connecting a 15 Hz Parazapper circuit to the chembazookas central pipes and geeting areal strong signal at the pipe. Chentrailing has halted here, but the next time they fire up the clouds the bazooka will be out there with the zapper circuits going to see what happens.

    At the moment a Parazapper Uzi is being used for this. One hand pipe is taped to the bazooka pipe. I then take hold of the bazooka pipe with one hand at the nose extension. The other Parazapper pipe hand hold is held in my other hand. I am closing the circuit with my body as is normally the case with a zapper. The current is quite noticeable especially at the “Croft” and “Rife 2” settings, and I think there is a lot of different stuff coming off of and through the bazooka and through me.

    by member emlong

    ParaZapper UZI customer comment - with orgonite ( Succor Punch )
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