A6 Zapper Hulda Clark

is not as good as our old $58.00 ParaZapper™ STD
and certainly no match for the other ParaZapper models such as the microprocessor based ParaZapper™ 6-Pack are even better.

A-6, A-5, A-1, B-5 Zappers

all use the same basic CMOS digital technology with an analog output. While it is claimed that these are the only zappers used in Dr. Clark's Clinic, it is hard to understand why with the less effective output as can be seen below. We have spoken to several people who have visited Dr. Clark's Clinic and they reported several different brands of zapper in use there, including ParaZapper™. The images below illustrate that the zappers from healthysigns.com produce a lower amplitude and poorer signal than even the cheapest ParaZapper™ STD that sells for about half as much. Also, the zappers from healthysigns.com only provide a 30 kHz output. It has been shown that using multiple frequencies that comes with ParaZapper™ products, can significantly improve results. We both offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so try both and see the difference that a better built, more powerful, and more effective zapper can make. Even better than the standard $109.00 ParaZapper™ 6-Pack is the microprocessor based ParaZapper™ CC2, microprocessor based ParaZapper™ UZI-3, and microprocessor based ParaZapper™ MY series.

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B5 zapper ($120.00) from healthysigns.com has a lower output signal than ParaZapper™($58.00)
Clark B5 zapper wet wrist straps
ParaZapper wet wrist straps

Wrist straps (above) produce a poorer signal than that produced by copper paddles (below).
ParaZapper using wet paddles provides a stronger signal
ParaZapper UZI produces 100 percent positive signal and True Square Wave. Click for larger image.
Now compare this to the more powerful ParaZapper ™ UZI
With very little rounding of the corners, higher voltage,
and very high slew rate.

The B5 zapper from healthysigns.com also has a lower bandwidth than ParaZapper™.
Clark B5 zapper wet wrist slew rate
ParaZapper Std wet wrist slew rate

What does Slew rate mean?

The faster that the leading edge rises, the higher the harmonics are that are produced. It also means more harmonics.

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