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How much difference is there between cheap zappers and a good zapper?

After hearing a fair amount of discussion about the cheap zapper that is available on the internet I decided to do some testing to see how it compared to our ParaZapper models. The evidence presented below should be self explanatory enough to convince any potential user as to whether or not they would want to place their health in the hands of this cheap zapper.

Comparison of signals of the cheap zapper and ParaZapper
when not attached to the body. No Load condition.

Cheap Zapper with No Load

ParaZapper CCa with No Load

Unloaded signal
Zapper with no load

Notice that under a no load condition, the signals appear close.
But this is the end of the similarities.

Comparison of abdominal voltage produced by the cheap zapper and
by ParaZapper showing how the body affects the output
of the cheap zapper and ParaZapper CCa

The skin voltage above the appendix is monitored
and the electrodes used were finger rings from Zapper Plans

Cheap zapper with provided finger rings,
one on each hand

ParaZapper CCa with same finger rings,
one on each hand

weak zapper output
Strong zapper output

ParaZapper CCa provides a signal that is not only twice as strong but is sharper and cleaner.

Comparison of abdominal voltage produced by the cheap zapper and by ParaZapper

The skin voltage above the appendix is monitored and
the electrodes used were Copper Paddles and Footpads from ParaZapper

Cheap Zapper output with copper paddles and footpads

ParaZapper CCa with copper paddles and Footpads

cheap zapper shows weak signal with footpads
CCa zapper shows stronger signal with footpads

Notice that with the footpads, the ParaZapper CCa voltage is significantly higher but the cheap zapper does not improve.

It should be immediately apparant that the cheap zapper does not have a very strong output and that it does not show any significant improvement when copper paddles and footpads are used. The explanation is simple, the CMOS chip in the cheap zapper is made to save power and is not made to drive low impedances such as the human body. It certainly does not have the necessary power to fully zap the parasites living in the human body which has a very low impedance. ParaZapper ™ CCa shows 3 times the overall output power along with the sharp edges and clean waveform that is needed for the best results in zapping.

Do not misunderstand this information. The $10 zapper from zapperplans.com has many satisfied users. This information is provided to support the idea that more expensive zappers can produce better results. Choose wisely.

Any testimonials or survey results presented on this page are not presented as scientific proof of any cure but only as representation of relief that may possibly be obtained from the use of ParaZapper products. FDA accepted tests have not been preformed because we have not found any qualified medical doctor who has indicated that they were willing to perform the required tests.

Since Dr. Hulda Clark first introduced zapping in her books, use has been expanded and many improvements have been made. ParaZapper has been found to be effective in stopping and reducing colds and the flu in addition to helping to alleviate many other health problems. Whether you are fighting any major illness or just want to improve your health, parasites may be hindering your recovery by stealing nutrition and by dumping their toxic wastes into your body.

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