Parasite Zapping and the Zapper

Fighting Disease and Illness with mild, safe Electric pulses.

Hulda Clark Zapper instructions and information

This booklet contains 130 pages of information (including index and TOC ),
much that is not available anywhere else, not even in Dr. Clark's books.

How to Zap

This booklet is not included with any zapper shipment for legal reasons.

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Zapper Comparison:

Modes CPU
Clark 5 to 20 1 or 2 1 or 2 NO
Ultimate 10 to 20 1 only 1 only NO
Terminator 5 to 20 1 only 1 only NO
6-Pack < 1 14 6 Yes
CC-2 0.25 31 6 Yes
UZI-3c 0.25 47 12 Yes
MY-3 0.05 273 over 25
( 35 )

It has been re-written and an e-book is available from at a price of $9.95

Go to Amazon and type in 'Parasite Zapping and the Zapper by David Etheredge'. They will let you know if it is available.

Paperback now available "Parasite Zapping and the Zapper"$14.99 US

Paperback Also available $14.99 US

ParaZapper instruction manual.
A 124 page (including index and TOC ) Guide to zapping provides information on how to zap for best results.

This manual, originally written for ParaZapper products provides theory of operation, good information on how to zap, accessories to use, things not to do, how to get the best results, and notes on other alternative methods. It also includes some zapper schematics, information on fifteen different models of zappers, and where to get info on how to build your own. The methods and information discussed in this book are valid for almost any zapper that you might use and the book contains many discussions that are not considered in Dr. Clark's books or anywhere else. (130 pages including index, TOC, illustrations). Dr. Clark's books contain only 4 or 5 pages of information on the zapper and zapping and do not cover many of the topics and advances listed in this book.

Included in the latest version are brief introductions to 28 alternative therapies that can be used along with zapping. Also included are discussions of over a dozen various metals that may influence the outcome of zapping or be influenced by zapping. There is also a discussion of die-off and Herxheimer reactions as well as various problems that may occur when zapping. There are also basic discussions of over 30 health related issues and problems including the use of the zapper in association with these problems.

Also included is a brief history of the use of electricity for treating disease and illness, going back to the 1700's.

Some selected topics from the manual

Introduction 1
Zapper Kills Microbes 4
Actual protozoa breaking apart while being zapper. 4
How does the zapper work? 5
Zapper Theory 7
What frequency should I use? 8
The FDA and the Zapper 9
Survey Results 10
Problem 10
Overall Positive Results 10
Safety and Injury? 11
Reported Problems 13
Questions and Answers 14
Does it work? 14
Ok, so it works, how is it used? 14
Why 7 minutes on? 15
Why 20 minutes off? 15
Alternating Leads 15
Importance of polarity 15
Inverted polarity and the Beck Zapper 16
Rife machines 16
Foot Bath Detoxification 16
Is the zapper safe to use? 17
Are there any side effects? 17
Does it matter which paddle goes in which hand? 18
Do I have to hold the paddles in my hands? 18
Can I get electrocuted? 19
I did not get good results, what can I do? 19
Recommended: 20
Cleaning my ParaZapper™ 20
See electrode oxidation. 20
Health and Illnesses 22
Abscesses 22
Acne 22
Allergies 22
Alzheimer’s 23
Arthritis and arthritic symptoms 23
Asthma 23
Athletes foot and fungus 23
Candida 24
Cancer 25
Chronic fatigue syndrome and malaise 25
Colitis 26
Colds and Flu 26
Diarrhea 27
Dental problems 27
Fibromyalgia 27
Fiery Dragon 28
Flatulence, bloating, and gas 28
Food allergy 28
Hepatitis B and C 28
Herpes 29
See Overdrive 29
IBS and colitis 29
Intestinal worms 30
Lyme Disease 30
Malaise 31
Malaria 31
Morgellons 31
MS or multiple sclerosis 31
Parkinson’s Disease 31
Salmonella 32
Shingles 32
Sinus problems 32
Skin problems, itching, and rashes 33
Tropical diseases 33
West Nile Virus 33
SARS, Bird Flu, Marburg, Ebola, Polio, Measles 33
Other uses 34
Water treatment 34
Food Purification 35
Aquarium Parasites 35
How to Zap single and dual frequency 37
Using Saline Solution for Zapping 37
User suggestions: Start with caution 37
Accelerate 37
Shift to high gear 37
Overdrive 37
Continuous Zapping 38
Tub Zapping 38
How to Zap multiple frequency 39
Overdrive 39
Using the ParaZapper™ parasite zapper 40
How frequently should I Zap? 40
Can I eat or drink while zapping? 40
Important 41
Testing your zapper 42
Quick zapper Test 42
Checking for output current 42
Checking for output voltage 42
Usual Steps to Zapping 43
How can I get the most out of my ParaZapper™ 45
Zapping Program for dual frequency 46
Buttons on ParaZapper™ 47
Using copper footpads 47
Stackable Plugs 48
Swapping leads 49
Money Back Guarantee 50
Warranty 50
Returns 50
Broken wires 52
Repairs 52
Special Accessories 53
Zapping Pets 53
Tropical fish 53
HORSES and Other Large animals 53
Special Brass Wrist Bands 53
Using wrist straps 54
Accessory Footpads 55
4 point contact – 3 points positive 55
TENS Pads 55
Batteries and Power 56
Batteries 56
Status Indicator 56
ParaZapper PLUS and ParaZapper CCa only 56
Foods, Nutrition, and Environment 58
Importance of Water 58
Vitamins 59
Exercise 59
Sleep 59
Sunshine 60
Fresh air 60
Blue Sky 60
Stress 60
Clean Environment 60
Intestinal Flora 61
Probiotic tablets 61
Kefir 61
Smoothie 61
Yogurt 61
Acidophillus 62
Zapping and Metals 63
Electricity and the transport of metals 63
Aluminum 63
Brass 63
Chromium 63
Copper 63
Gold 64
Iron 64
Lead 64
Mercury 64
Nickel 64
Palladium 65
Platinum 65
Zapping and Metals 65
Silver 65
Stainless Steel 65
Titanium 65
Hip and knee replacement 65
Frequency Notes 66
Complimentary Therapies 67
Beck Protocol 67
Blood Electrification (BBBE) 67
Cleanses and flushes 67
Chelation 67
Colloidal Gold 67
Colloidal Silver 68
Colonics 68
Detoxification 68
Epsom Salts 68
Essiac Herbal Tea 69
Fasting 69 Frequency Generator 69
Hydrogen peroxide 69
Iodine 69
Ionic Silver 69
Juicing 69
Kidney Cleanse 70
Kombucha tea 70
Live Food 70
Liver Cleanse 70
Magnetic Pulser 70
Noni Juice 70
Ozonated water 71
Ozonated oils 71
Parasite cleanse 71
pH Balance 71
Plate Zapping 71
Raw Foods 72
Rife Therapy 72
Synchrometer 72
Terminator 72
Urine Therapy 72
Water Cure 72
Wheatgrass Juice 73
Reactions 73
About Die-off 73
Herxheimer reaction 73
Rashes, itching, stinging, tingling sensations 73
Electrodes 74
Oxidation of electrodes 74
History of Electric Healing 75
Baghdad Battery 75
Nicolas Tesla 79
Georges Lakhovsky 81
Rife 84
Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. 85
Hulda Clark 85
Bob Beck 86
Scenar 86
How the SCENAR works 86
Results form the SCENAR 86
What has been missed in history? 87
Pz00020,21,22 Standard ParaZapper 88
Pz00030,31,32 ParaZapper PLUS 89
Pz00040,41,42 ParaZapper Cca 90
Pz00050,51,52 ParaZapper MX 91
Control knob on ParaZapper™MX models 91
Using the ParaZapper™AV 94
Starting with ParaZapper™AV 94
Pz00076 ParaZapper AV 96
Pz00076 ParaZapper AV 98
Control knob on ParaZapper™AV models 98
Other Zappers 99
The $10 Zapper from 99
The $10 Zapper from 99 99
Super Zapper Deluxe 100
Build your own zapper 100
The Ultimate Zapper 100
Terminator zapper 101
Orgone Zapper 101
Mini FG frequency generator 101
Gamma Full Frequency Generator 101
AutoZap zapper 101
Comparing Zappers 102
What should your zapper have as a minimum? 102
New $10 zapper from 103
Zapper schematics 103
Schematic for zapper 103
Dr.Hulda Clark Zapper Schematic 104
Schematic for standard ParaZapper 104
Zapper Comparison 105
10 different zappers 105

ParaZapper instruction manual.

The Zapper is one of many alternative health products for alternative medicine applications. It is designed to electronically kill parasites.
The information, suggestions and ideas presented in the book are for information only and should not be interpreted as medical advice, meant for diagnosing illness, or for prescriptive purposes. Readers are encouraged to consult their health care provider before beginning any treatment program. The information in this document is not to be used to replace the services or instructions of a physician or qualified health care practitioner.

Any testimonials or survey results presented on any of these pages are not presented as scientific proof of any cure but only as representation of relief that may possibly be obtained from the use of ParaZapper products. FDA accepted tests have not been preformed because we have not found any qualified medical doctor who has indicated that they were willing to perform the required tests.

ParaZapper is a trademark of
Para Systems, Inc.
5537 Balboa Ct.
Lower Entrance
Pinson, AL 35126 USA
All rights reserved.

Although the Zapper has been around a while and it has been claimed to work for Cancer, Allergy Zapper and Allergies, Asthma, fibromyalgia, IBS, Colitis, and Diarrhes, and shingles, among many other thins, it is best known as a Parasite Zapper, or as a Hulda Clark Zapper.

It has also been known as an Arthritis Zapper, AIDS Zapper, Flu Zapper, Cancer Zapper, Candida Zapper, Viral Zapper, and even as a Survival Zapper. There is even reference to the Hanta Virus Zapper and to the West Nile Virus Zapper.

There are instructions and plans to Build a Zapper How to make your own Zapper, and a zapper schematic diagram, zapper schematic, and another zapper schematic, but since this is not something that everyone wants to do, some want to know How to Buy a Zapper. Naturally, they will want to learn about zappers and things such as CCa, about the Super Deluxe Zapper Improved, and the Rife Zapper, and especially Ultimate Zapper vs UZI Comparison. They will also want to read the ParaZapper Testimonials that are posted. It is also helpful that the potential user read either the How to Zap PDF or the How to Zap page, and even the Zapper FAQ and information.

They will also want to learn about things such as fasting, flushing, cleansing, and Colloidal Silver to help with Chronic illness and Critical illness while they zap your way to health.

Zapper users might also want to learn about Zapper Paddles, Wrist Straps for zapping, and Zapper Footpads.

They will likely want to learn more about Is Hulda Clark A Quack?, and her protocols, how to find the Best Zapper, the ParaZapper UZI Review.

Intestinal Parasites and how to treat them.
Delusional Parasitosis Zapper, does it work?
parasite treatment
parasite cleanse to help get rid of parasites.
The medical electric battery an antique electro-therapy device
Ultimate zapper is cheaply made.
Hulda Clark Parasite Zappers
Zapper at paradevices
Cancer information and things that you may not know.
Battery installation.
Colds and Flu Zapper may help reduce the effects of colds and flu.
About Cancer and what can heal you.
Basal Cell Skin Cancer, Zapper Method