Terminal Illness

Terminal illness is what the doctor claims you have when he does not know how to stop your illness from progressing. Often, by the time a persons illness has reached the point of being described as terminal, the doctors have tried many different treatments without success. Their options have run out and you are left standing by yourself.

Do not despair, just because the doctor has run out of options does not mean that you have. While it is a doctors job to do the best that he can for you, there are limitations as to what they can do. A licensed medical doctor rarely mentions alternative medicine treatment until they do not have any more options for standard accepted therapy. Some will not even mention alternative therapy as a last resort.

Alternative therapies can and do work for many terminally ill persons who refuse to give up. The reason that alternative therapies work when standard therapies do not is that the standard therapies often concentrate on the immediate symptoms of the illness while alternative therapies aim toward an all over health improvement. The truth is that sometimes, it is necessary to eliminate other problems from the body before effective healing can be accomplished. ParaZapper is one of the best alternative therapies available if you have parasites that interfere with your bodies natural healing.

The zapper introduced by Dr. Hulda Clark can provide relief from many illnesses caused by parasites.
The zapper models ParaZapper, ParaZapperPLUS™, and ParaZapperCCa™ are Hulda Clark parasite zappers and offer improvements in quality and reliability over other zappers.

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Since Dr. Hulda Clark first introduced the zapper in her books, use has been expanded and many improvements have been made. ParaZapper has been found to be effective in stopping and reducing colds and the flu in addition to helping to alleviate many other health problems. Whether you are fighting any major illness or just want to improve your health, parasites may be hindering your recovery by stealing nutrition and by dumping their toxic wastes into your body.

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It has also been known as an Arthritis Zapper, AIDS Zapper, Flu Zapper, Cancer Zapper, Candida Zapper, Viral Zapper, and even as a Survival Zapper. There is even reference to the Hanta Virus Zapper and to the West Nile Virus Zapper.

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